Big Fogg provided 16 Misting Fans at Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day and at the US Open

Big Fogg provided 16 Misting Fans at Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day and at the US Open in August 2023 located in. Big Fogg is already working at over 80% of the college football games providing High Pressure Misting Fans during WEEK ZERO on August 26, 2023.


Flushing, New York: BIG FOGG is in the news again. Big Fogg Misting Fans have been commissioned by the UTSA to provide a total of sixteen (16) Misting Fans, in New York City. This marks the 13th time that Big Fogg has provided its climate control misting fans at the US Open-Tennis.

For 2023 Big Fogg has already been commissioned to work to provide cooling at over 200 NFL and NCAA football games. Big Fogg is the largest supplier and manufactures its Sideline Misting Fans and Heating Benches in the country. Big Fogg sideline Misting Fans, Heating Benches, Radiant Heaters are all “MADE IN THE USA”.

In 2022, Big Fogg introduced its new patent pending unique Cooling Bench System. This Cooling Bench system is set to be used by Arkansas at their opening game at Little Rock.


Big Fogg was selected by Major League Baseball to provide unique Big Fogg 15’ x 15’ x 10’ High-Pressure Misting Inflatable Systems in Seattle in 2023 and at Dodger Stadium for the 90th MLB All Star Game.


On August 26, week zero (0) of college football season Big Fogg is working over 85% of the college football games scheduled over the first weekend.

Big Fogg has a few double sidelines this weekend including USC (#6) and San Jose State at the LA Coliseum and a double sideline at Snap Dragon in San Diego between San Diego State and Ohio Bobcats. Big Fogg will be setting up (3) 15’ x 15’ Misting Inflatables and (6) Misting Fans around the concourse.

Other News about Big Fogg.
Big Fogg had a record year in 2022 providing heating benches and sideline heating systems along with cooling misting fans at over 250 NFL and NCAA football games including both sidelines at the 2023 Super Bowl game in Arizona. Since it was founded, Big Fogg has set up its sideline cooling and heating systems at twelve (13) Super Bowl games, (11) AFC or NFC Championship Games and (20) Pro Bowls in both Hawaii and Florida.

Big Fogg earned its well-respected reputation by providing the best outdoor cooling systems for its customers. “Our product knowledge, experience and excellent customer service have augmented our great historical reputation.” says Big Fogg President & CEO, Christopher Miehl.


Big Fogg frequently secures misting or heating business at other high-profile events, including the X-Games, NCAA Football Championship Games, Kaiser Grand Openings, minor league baseball games, the Special Olympics, and the PGA Championships.


Big Fogg also provided its misting fans at multiple local events, most recently the Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival.

Long time Big Fogg technician Sam Gibson said after working in the US Tennis Open in New York for second year “Working with Big Fogg has been the experience of a lifetime. I have set up Big Fogg Heated Benches at the Super Bowl, Misting Fans at NFL & NCAA Playoff Games, and both fans and benches for NCAA Football Teams across the country. However, setting up for children at the US Open in Flushing, New York is the most wonderful experience.”

In 2023. Big Fogg’s High-Pressure Misting Systems technician’s installed numerous restaurant chains and industrial plants nationwide with high pressure misting systems for people cooling, dust control, odor suppression and humidification control.

For more information on Big Fogg Misting Systems at its Murrieta, California headquarters please call 951-587-2460 or in Austin, TX at 512-568-1705. Feel free to contact our outdoor cooling partner Cool Zone at 949-500-9390 for work in Orange County and San Diego. Our websites are and