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Over the past 20+ years, Big Fogg has built its reputation by continuing to probide its high quality qequipment at numerous and varied major sporting events. Big Fogg Misting Fans have cooled sidelines at thousands of NFL and NCAA football games, including 12 Super Bowls, 20 Pro Bowls and 8 NCAA National Championship Games.

Big Fogg Misting Fans have also been used worldwide at many other sporting events, including World Cup Soccer, Major League Baseball, Motor Sports, PGA Golf, Rugby, Track & field and NCAA Baseball Championship Series games, in addition, Big, Big Fogg has Supplied its Misting Fans at numerous fairs, festivals and outdoor concerts, including Woodstock 1999.

Big Fogg rents Misting Fans, Misting Systems, Inflatable Misters, Misting Tents, Misting Trailers, Evaporate Coolers and Outdoor Heaters for any occasion from big events, festivals, corporate parties, or any occasion where people meet and want ‘relief from the heat’.


Below are some of the products that Big Fogg rents please review and call or e-mail with any questions or for a quote.

24” Blitz Misting Satellites

Cool Caddie

Misting Trailer


Handimist II

Handimist III

Inflatable Misters

Misting Station

Overhead Cooling Fans

24” High-Pressure Misting/Cooling Fan

Way Cool

Pro Kool

Torpedo Heaters

Electric Spot Heaters

Misting Tent

Dragon Seat Heating Benches

Zig Zag Misting System

Misting Wall

Big Fogg Special Effects Projects

Big Fogg Misting Tube

Torpedo Blowers

Overhead Cooling Fan

Heating Benches

Industrial Fans