Misting Systems Demystified: How the Technology Works

Misting and cooling systems were first used in the 1950s by the livestock industry. Since then, the technology has advanced greatly, and the applications for it have broadened tremendously as well.

For example, a small homeowner today may start with a simple, inexpensive DIY misting kit that operates off a standard garden hose.  That same homeowner may step up over time to a more advanced portable misting fan that can be moved around the backyard as needed.

Restaurant owners will likely opt for something more expansive and customized to keep outdoor dining spaces cool, such as a wall-mounted quiet misting system.  Professional misting systems, inflatables, tents and fans are also widely used at NFL games, PGA golf tournaments, U.S. Open tennis matches and other major sporting events to help athletes and fans escape the heat.

But the benefits of misting systems extend well beyond that of cooling off individuals.  Industrial applications for the technology include pre-cooling for air conditioning units, a process that both reduces the air conditioner’s load and extends its lifespan.

Disinfectant misting systems can quickly sanitize indoor and outdoor spaces as well – a critically important application for the technology in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Misting systems can also be used to control odors and humidity.  And for those looking to add pizzazz to a wedding, company event, concert or theatrical performance, mistscaping is also popular – whereby misting systems are used to create special mist effects.


Evaporative Cooling 101

Misting systems employ pressurized nozzles to create ultra-fine water droplets – mist, essentially. When these water droplets are pushed through the nozzles and introduced into the atmosphere, they absorb the heat prevailing in the environment and evaporate. This process is called evaporative cooling.

Big Fogg misting systems and fans use the evaporative cooling process to bring ambient temperatures down by as much as 25 degrees without noticeable moisture.

The actual temperature reduction achieved can vary and largely depends on the humidity in the air.  If you are located in a humid locale, such as Hawaii or the South, we recommend selecting one of our misting fans.  The fan component will reduce the humidity in the air and ensure the performance of your misting system.


The Big Fogg Advantage

Big Fogg’s misting systems consist of an inline filter, tubing, nozzles and high-pressure misting pump modules. Because we use metal fittings and brass nozzles – instead of plastic components – your Big Fogg misting system will perform optimally in even extreme heat.

To get the full benefit of the technology, we recommend selecting one of our high-pressure misting systems or fans that operate at a pressure of 1,000 PSI.  These units generate the 3-5 micron-size droplets required to achieve the targeted 25-degree temperature reduction.

While high-pressure misting fans and systems are optimal, mid-pressure and low-pressure systems can effectively cool outdoor spaces as well.  Regardless of the system you choose, you can rest assured that Big Fogg misting systems and fans are easy to install and maintain – and that they will provide years of coolness and comfort to help you enjoy the great outdoors.

For more information on how Big Fogg can help with your outdoor cooling needs, visit us online – or call 951-587-2460 for a free consultation.