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Get All Your BigFogg Related Misting & Heating Systems FAQs Answered

What is BIG FOGG Misting System?

Big Fogg misting technology is pure and simple. Its foundation is evaporative cooling. In short, we cool you down without getting you wet.

A lot of people have the misconception that misting always equals wetness. Not with Big Fogg misting systems. Our misting fans and misting line systems offer three levels of evaporative cooling: high-pressure misting, mid-pressure misting and low-pressure misting.

To generate mist, Big Fogg misting systems pump filtered water through brass and stainless steel atomization nozzles. As the ultra-fine water droplets hit moving air (generated by the pumps, natural wind or Big Fogg fan units), a cooling evaporative mist is produced.

How Do I Know Which Misting System Is Best For My Needs?

Decide what problem you are looking to solve, and then we can help you select the right misting system for your budget.

Not everyone needs the top-of-the-line high pressure misting systems we offer.  For example, backyard cooling can be achieved in many locales with a medium or low-pressure misting fan or system.

These less expensive options are available in stainless steel components – just like our high-pressure misting systems.  And they work well in low humidity areas.  Like all Big Fogg products, our low and mid-pressure misting systems are professional grade, so you are assured of performance and reliability over the long term.

Where is BIG FOGG Misting Systems located?

We are headquartered in Murrieta, California, with satellite offices in Jacksonville, Florida and Austin, Texas.  We serve clients large and small – including top names in sports, entertainment and hospitality nationwide through our network of expert misting system designers and installers.

How long has BIG FOGG been in business?

The idea for the business originated in 1999, and on January 1, 2000 Big Fogg opened its doors in Las Vegas. A few months later, the company relocated to San Diego to serve the Southern California market and has since operated out of locations in San Clemente, Temecula and now Murrieta, in our new, expanded headquarters.

Over the years, we have grown exponentially and now offer a breadth of products to meet virtually any outdoor, industrial or commercial misting need.

Are you the company on the sidelines at all the Big Sporting Events including the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, Major League All Star Games, Olympics, World Cup, NASCAR& PGA Golf Tournaments?

Yes. Our clientele also includes producers of the X Games, NHL Hockey games and professional concerts and festivals . We also work with restaurants, hotels, casinos, wineries – and many private homeowners looking to turn their backyards into extraordinary summer retreats for friends and family.

Do you ship outside the United States or to an APO?

Yes, we do both.  We also install professional misting systems internationally when needed.

What is BIG FOGG’s return policy?

We have a specialized product. Once you use it, it loses its value.  If there is anything defective with the product, we replace it 100 percent of the time.  If it operates well and is returned for any other reason, we require a restocking fee.

Are BIG FOGG Misting Systems Available For Rent or For Purchase?

Both.  We offer rentals nationwide.  We have equipment stored in Austin, Texas, Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio and Seattle, Washington and can install our products, including misting systems, fans, tents and inflatables, anywhere in the nation.

What is the difference between the BIG FOGG Misting Systems?

Basically, there are high-pressure, mid-pressure and-low pressure systems.  High-pressure systems emit virtually no moisture as they operate at 1000 PSI pressure.  Mid and low-pressure misting systems may produce noticeable moisture.  But, in many cases, the moisture produced is negligible or acceptable depending on the humidity levels of the locale and the requirements at hand.

We are experts at designing and installing custom systems to serve a vast range of needs because that is what we do day in and day out.  We can solve even the most complex outdoor, industrial, or commercial cooling issues – from outdoor cooling to humidification, dust suppression, process cooling, odor control, A/C precooling and more.

How did Big Fogg get its name?

This is a funny story.  Big Fogg President and Founder Chris Miehl left the Kool Zone misting system company in 1999 to branch out on his own in the industry. In starting up a new misting system company, he knew it was important to differentiate his brand from the competition. He wanted a company name that stood out from the rest.

Ideas circled around in his head – and friends and colleagues gave their suggestions as well.  Still, three months into transitioning to the new company, no name truly resonated.

Then one night, he and a friend began brainstorming while out at a San Diego night club.  As the drinks flowed, so did the creativity. And when Chris awoke the next morning, his friend asked how he was feeling.

“Not great,” he replied. “It feels like I’m in a Big Fogg.” And the rest is history.


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