Big Fogg designs, builds and sells a variety of different misting tents that come in multiple sizes, colors and configurations.

These misting tents can either high-pressure misting tents, mid-pressure misting tents or low-pressure misting tents. The rule of thumb in the misting tent industry is the higher the pressure the smaller the water droplet and the less wetness. High-pressure misting tents almost have no wetness build-up at all due to their very small droplet size emitting from the misting nozzle on the mist system.

Big Fogg standard misting tent is 10′ 10′ in size for all three misting tents; the high-pressure misting tents the mid-pressure misting tent and the low-pressure misting tent. Big Fogg standard 10’ x 10’ misting tent is easy to set-up, easy to use and provides a refreshing and cool misting system.

Big Fogg will take your specifications and artwork and will build a custom misting tent with full color digital top and full digital wall. They can be built in any size that the customer requires including our most popular 10’x10′, 20’x20′, 10’x15′ and 15’x15′. Big Fogg will install the correct amount of nozzles for the appropriate application based on size of tent and number of misting nozzles.

IMPORTANT: ALL OF BIG FOGG MISTING TENTS ARRIVE FULLY OPERATIONAL, SO ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TAKE IT OUT OF THE CONTAINER AND SET IT UP. Many of our competitors send you tent and misting systems and tell you to put it together. ALL OF BIG FOGG MISTING TENTS ARE BUILT AND TESTED BEFORE SHIPPING. Our standard Misting Tent models are 10’x10′ and come in a variety of colors. Please call our misting tent experts to discuss your misting tent needs at 951-587-2460.

Big Fogg Misting Tents have been used across the country including the X-Games, UCLA Jazz Festival and at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas Big Fogg built at that time the largest misting tent the world over 300’ and 300’ in size misting system. Big Fogg Misting Tents are used in various different industrials from events and promotions, to sporting events to all outdoor cooling needs that you might have.