Big Fogg’s Misting Trailer is available for rental or purchase. Big Fogg makes (4) 24” Misting Fans Trailers and (6) 24” Misting Fan Trailers. These self-contained high-pressure mobile misting systems are built on 8-foot heavy duty custom built single trailers, that are easy to transport. The misting fans are attached to the trailer and can be easily take off and moved to separate location at your discretion. These portable misting systems are perfect for your next special, music or sporting event. This misting trailers is equipped with a 350 Gallon Drum with an 45—watt electric generator that will give power to the Misting Fans, the Misting Pump and to the water transfer pump that brings the water from the drum to the misting pump.
The Misting Fans have 316 stainless steel misting rings attached to the fan face and contain 8 misting nozzles in a circular fashion. The high-pressure misting pump is 1 HP, 1 GPM high pressure pump operating at 1000 psi. These pumps are equipped with a low-pressure switch which will turn off the pump if the water is cut off.

Our Misting Trailers are custom made for the highest amount of quality workmanship and performance. The portable Misting Trailer is perfect misting machine for an outdoor concert, fair or festival or a construction site or at an oil rig location.

Big Fogg will build misting trailers to your specifications and design. Just give Big Fogg a call to discuss the possibilities. One-year limited warranty on complete misting trailer system



Fan Diameter       24”/12000  CFM
Stainless Steel 316 Misting Ring with 8 nozzles, .008 orifices
½ HP. 1.0 GPM High Pressure Pump Module
Water Usage Maximum 40 Gallons Per Hour
60 HZ Standard
Water Filtration System (5 & 10 microns)
Low Pressure Cut off Switch (protect pump from running dry)
½ HP TEFC Motors
1 year limited warranty

Maintenance requirements, change pump oil every 500 hours, using 15/50 Synthetic Oil, Change Inlet Water Filters, as necessary

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