Outdoor Misting Systems

The ABCs of Outdoor Misting

The ABCs of Outdoor Misting

Big Fogg knows that when the weather is humid and hot, having an Outdoor Misting system can make being outdoors more enjoyable and allows you to avoid the physical discomfort. Misting Systems provide an effective method to cool you down in hot and humid weather. Our residential customers use Misting Systems and Misting Fans in their backyards, patios, pool areas and garages of their homes. Our commercial customers, like restaurants, resorts, warehouses, fairs & festivals, medical rehab stations and amusement parks, use our misting fans and misting systems throughout their establishments. Other commercial customers utilize Big Fogg’s services for such events as: Super Bowl, NCAA Championship Football and Baseball Games, PGA, Motorsports and the World Cup.

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The ABCs of Odor & Dust Control Misting

Big Fogg also works extensively on odor control and dust suppression projects. Our odor reduction projects emphasize the following markets:

  • Garbage Odor Reduction Misting Systems
  • Food Waste Odor Reduction Misting Systems
  • Compost Plants Oder Reduction Misting Systems
  • Pulp & Paper Sludge Odor Reduction Misting Systems
  • Sewage Sludge Odor Reduction Misting Systems
  • Leachate Odor Reduction Misting Systems
  • Landfills Odor Reduction Misting Systems
  • Transfer Stations Odor Reduction Misting Systems
  • Garbage Trucks Odor Reduction Misting Systems
  • Incinerators Odor Reduction Misting Systems
  • Composting Odor Reduction Misting System
  • Garbage Bins Odor Reduction Misting System
  • Compactors Odor Reduction Misting System
  • Trash Chutes Odor Reduction Misting System
  • Roads/Alleys Odor Reduction Misting System
  • Sludge Presses Odor Reduction Misting Systems
  • Wet Wells Odor Reduction Misting Systems
  • Grit Removal Odor Reduction Misting Systems
  • Food Markets Odor Reduction Misting Systems
  • Food Processing Odor Reduction Misting Systems
  • Rendering Plants Odor Reduction Misting Systems
  • Factory Plant Odor Reduction Misting Systems
  • Forging Mills Odor Reduction Misting Systems

The ABCs of Misting Fans and Misting Systems

Big Fogg High-Pressure Misting Systems and Misting Fans work on the evaporation cooling process to produce ultra fine mist that relieves the environment of the heat stress. When the water droplets are released into the hot air, they absorb the heat present in the air and get released as vapor. The change of liquid to gas creates a cooling effect known as evaporative cooling.

Misting Fans enhance the evaporation process and can be used outdoors and in areas where the use of air conditioners is not feasible. Most Big Fogg Misting Fans are easy to install, environmentally friendly and inexpensive to maintain. Misting Systems and Misting Fans use negligible quantities of water to produce maximum cooling effect. The Misting Systems and Misting Fans are of various types – high, medium and low pressures.

High Pressure Misting Fans produce greater cooling effect which is more suitable for more expansive, open spaces. High pressure systems are generally operated at 800 pounds of pressure or more and are also the most expensive to purchase as the components used must be sturdy enough to endure such high pressure systems.

Mid-Pressure Misting Fans come in a wide variety of options for use in commercial and residential areas. Medium pressure systems are quite often the choice of homeowners because they are efficient and yet not cost prohibitive. These systems typically operate at 100 to 200 pounds of water pressure.

Low pressure misting systems can operate on the normal domestic water supply pressure. They are the least expensive type of system and their effectiveness is understandably limited. Furthermore, because of the lower water pressure, there is a possibility of a higher frequency of clogging necessitating greater maintenance.

The ABCs of General Misting Technology

The temperature reduction – whatever the type of misting system – largely depends on the humidity levels of the area to be cooled. The effect of fans is needed more in places with high humidity. The flexibility of portable fans allow users to place it in different areas where needed. A properly installed, quality mist system allows you to enjoy your open areas even on hottest days. Big Fogg is be able to offer you all three types of misting systems, low, medium, and high pressure, and can also help you decide which works best for your particular application.

Big Fogg is a licensed contractor company that has been in the business of cooling systems for over a decade. Even if you are purchasing online, you can contact us to verify any information or ask questions – we list our full contact details for customer support. Big Fogg’s Misting Systems consist of an inline filter, tubing, nozzles and high-pressure misting pump modules. We use metal fittings and brass nozzles and avoids plastic components since metal is known to endure better in the extreme hot climate. As most systems are small, they will not in any way spoil the aesthetics of your exteriors. You can also create a high-pressure misting system by forcing water through a high pressure pump module unit that is connected to specialized misting nozzles.

This creates micro fine water particles that will subsequently evaporate. It also helps to filter the incoming water since even small particles can clog the tiny fog nozzle heads. The ambient temperature can sometimes be reduced up to 35 degrees when using as an outdoor misting system. Misting System will require pressures of at least 70 bar (1000 psi) in order to provide the 3-5 micron sized droplets, usually required to provide the desired results. Misting Systems are quite popular as an efficient and cost-effective means of environmental control. Mist systems have multiple applications, such as outdoor cooling, humidification, dust and odor control, special effects and livestock cooling.

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The ABCs of Misting Fan History

The ABCs of Misting Fan History

Misting & Cooling Systems were first used during the 1950s by the livestock industry. The application thereafter spread to restaurants and much later, homeowners started using it. Since then, the popularity of Misting Systems has steadily grown. Misting Systems have become very popular due to technological advances in equipment and fittings over the years. Only simple hand tools and some natural intelligence are required – apart from a power source and normal water supply. Operation, installation and maintenance manuals generally come along with Big Fogg’s misting systems. It is not difficult to understand how misting systems work. When ultra fine water droplets created by misting nozzles are introduced into the atmosphere, they absorb the heat prevailing in the environment and evaporate. This process is called evaporative cooling

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The ABCs of Misting Uses

For residential and restaurant patio cooling applications, the initial setup of a Misting System requires the placement of a High Pressure Misting Pump near a water source and the attachment of a Mist Line around the perimeter of the area to be cooled. Thus, the Misting will evaporate and the temperature of the surrounding area drops. The Misting System Stainless Steel or Nylon Line should be placed at a suitable height (8-10ft.) to facilitate total evaporation.

When properly designed and installed, the results will be extremely effective. When all the water from the fog nozzle evaporates, the outside temperature can often feel like air conditioning. Misting fans can also be included if additional air circulation is required. Misting Fan Systems use the flash evaporation technique to provide excellent cooling and can add humidification or dust suppression in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The ideal conditions for Misting Systems to produce optimum results are when the temperatures rise between 85F to 120°F with low humidity levels. Big Fogg Misting Systems can still be effective with humidity between 40% and 90% is good but if humidity is below 40%, the performance is excellent with a drop in temperature to around 12°C.

A properly installed fog system should not cause any wetting of floors or external surfaces if set up correctly. In factories or workshops adequate ventilation must be available otherwise humidity levels will raise and complete evaporation will not occur. The number of Misting Fans required to cool an area often dictates the pump size to be used. Most misting companies sell a 0.5 gallon per minute pump capable of running 4 fans with a 5 nozzle ring and 0.2 sized nozzles and a 1.0 GPM pump which can operate close to 8 fans. However the size of the High-Pressure Misting Pump is ultimately determined by the size of the Misting Nozzle and the number and size of Misting Nozzles being used.

The ABCs of Portable Misting Fans

During summer months when the sun is unbearably oppressive and humidity builds up, the discomfort is acute. To reduce the heat in the atmosphere, you will need an effective misting system.

Portable Misting Fans and Systems are the perfect solution because they work on an evaporative cooling method. These Fans produce several cones of misting even with minimal use of water. Different sized misting nozzles can be used in order to control the amount of water vapor being released. It is estimated that only one gallon of water per misting nozzle is required to produce an effective misting for one hour. Most portable misting fans also allow for an independent Misting Line System. This allows you to use your Misting Fan as an industrial fan without turning on the misting ring. Likewise, you can also turn the Misting Ring on without using the Misting Fan, but we would not recommend it. Portable Misting Fans can be placed conveniently in shops, retail outlets, small offices, garages, warehouses, baseball dugouts, outdoor patio in restaurants, resort and backyards.

As these Misting Fan Systems can move them around to any place you choose to. Portable Misting Fans can be used it in the garden when holding a party and shift it to the garage on the next day while you repair your car. Big Fogg sells Portable Misting Fans that can adjust to height and location. To maintain the effectiveness of Portable Misting Fans, you must change the filters and if need be oil, in the yearly and water tanks and pump modules should be conditioned at regular intervals. Portable Misting Fans are ideal Outdoor Cooling Solutions that not only cool, but are also environmental-friendly and highly efficient.

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The ABCs of Big Fogg Misting Fans

The ABCs of Big Fogg Misting Fans

Big Fogg Misting Fans can be used on outdoor patios and backyards. Misting Fans employs an evaporative cooling technique which is used to create a cooling effect. When you perspire, the fan circulates air over your skin and causes the sweat to evaporate. The Commercial and Residential Big Fogg Misting Fans can enable you to stay comfortable and encourages patrons to even stay longer. Portable Misting Fan absorbs the heat and then evaporates, thus cooling the surrounding air up to 30 degrees. Big Fogg sells some portable Misting Products like the Misty Mate that are designed to be carried by hand. These Hand Held Portable Misting Products require the introduction of pressurized air to push the water to provide a pressure source for forcing water through the atomization nozzles by using a pump-up device to force water through the misting nozzle. Portable Misting Systems are the most versatile Misting System currently available on the market today. Big Fogg has Portable Misting Systems that can be attached directly to a garden hose when available for continuous relief from the heat. These Portable Misting Systems are factory assembled for easy set up and can be used virtually anywhere. Our Portable Misting Kit is portable misting systems are economical, requires little maintenance and extremely durable.

Portable Misting Systems

Workers who are engage in physical activity outdoors where temperatures are high enough for heat-related illness to develop, need relief from an outdoor Misting System. Portable Misting Systems provide relief from the high heat stress these people experience. Even if people are idly lounging in their garden or backyard, a Misting System or Misting Fan can provide effective cooling to improve comfort and relief from heat stress. The principle behind an Outdoor Misting System is basically force water through a tiny misting nozzle which creates a micro fine cone of mist. This spray of water then comes into contact with the air and causes the tiny water drops to evaporate.

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Portable Misting Systems

The ABCs of Outdoor Misting Systems

There are three different types of Outdoor Misting Systems – low, medium and high pressure. The faster the water is forced through the nozzle, the finer the water droplets will be and the faster they will evaporate. If you live in a tropical climate where the humidity might be 50-90%, the misting will obviously take slightly longer evaporate compared to a relatively dry region. Big Fogg suggests that if you live a humid climate choose to upgrade the Misting Systems with the addition of mid or high pressure pump unit, and even an air stream source such s a Misting Fan. Just be fully aware that doing so requires totally different tubing, nozzles fittings.

High-Pressure Misting Systems are capable of reducing the ambient air temperature between 15-35 degrees. The common misconception is that misting systems only perform well in dry, arid climates. While temperature reductions are certainly easier to achieve in these regions of the world, humid area’s simply require a slightly different system that can easily be achieved by using a smaller nozzle orifice and slightly greater pressure in the water line. The best known method to control horrid summer heat and depress the temperature and add moisture to the dry air in open outdoor spaces is through High-Pressure Misting Systems. The basic principle behind misting is evaporation. Smaller particles of mist are better because they evaporate quicker. Smaller particles are created by increased water pressure.

The ABCs of Evaporative Cooling Evaporative cooling takes place when water molecules evaporate into the air by which water changes from a liquid to a gas state. To facilitate water changing from a liquid to a gaseous state requires a certain amount of energy or heat. This energy or heat is automatically taken from the surrounding air and as a result the air temperature becomes cooler. In effect the more water you evaporate the more cooling can be achieved. Evaporative cooling is remarkably efficient. Using spraying systems, water is sprayed through nozzles at varying pressures. The water particles get reduced and evaporate as they fall to the ground. Using porous materials with large surface areas, water is run over a surface that facilitates the evaporation process. Often forced air is used to enhance this process. Ultra-sonic evaporation is a method that shatters water into super fine particles through ultra-sonic vibrations. Compared to air-conditioning, evaporating cooling processes consume little electricity. Misting Systems make effective pre-cooling product for A/C units.

The ABCs of Low Pressure Misting A Mist Line Misting System will consist of tubing and nozzles. Normally the tubing is quite small since water use is negligible. Always look for metal fittings and nozzles made of brass or stainless steel and not plastic as metal will hold up better in the extreme hot climate. Our Low-Pressure Misting systems operate directly off of your household pressure. These are called low pressure systems. They are the least expensive type of system and so is their effectiveness. If a Mid-Pressure Misting Pump is added to the Misting System, the efficiency of the Misting System can be increased.

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The ABCs of Mid-Pressure Misting

Medium Pressure Misting Systems are favored by many because they are efficient and yet not too costly. These Medium Pressure Misting Systems typically operate at 100 to 300 pounds of water pressure. To achieve the highest level of Misting System performance, a High Pressure Misting System is required. These High-Pressure Misting Systems operate at 800 pounds of pressure or more. It tops off at 1200 psi. They are also the most expensive since the materials used must endure such high pressure.

The ABCs of Efficient Cooling Water is cheap and plentifully available and little water is needed to achieve effective cooling. Large scale cooling can be achieved outdoors. Air is humidified during the evaporation process which improves the air quality. Efficient cooling can be achieved if you take into account the size of the area to be cooled, whether the area open or enclosed, and such other factors. If open area which is windy, suitable wind breakers must be implemented; if the area is enclosed, forced ventilation will be required. You must also find out if the structure is suited to evaporative cooling without building up mold. Any reputable mist company will offer you all three types of systems, low, medium, and high pressure, and will help you to decide which works best for your particular application. To escape the oppressive heat during the summer days, an

Outdoor Misting System, based on evaporation of water, can bring the temperature down and provide cool comfort to open spaces. The Misting System converts hot air into cold air and brings relief from a scorching summer. The oppressive heat of summer is a matter of great inconvenience for many. Misting is a proven way to combat and bring down the temperature and add moisture to the dry air at the same time. The important fact is you are cooling the outdoors, where air conditioning is not feasible.

A correctly installed, quality mist system allows you to enjoy your garden and patio even on the hottest day. The ABCs of Misting Pros & Cons There are six different types of Misting Systems or Misting Fan Systems- Low Pressure, Mid Pressure, High Pressure Line Systems and Low Pressure, Mid Pressure, High Pressure Misting Fan Systems. Each type of these misting systems has its own advantages and some disadvantages as well. Low pressure, mid pressure, high pressure Misting Line Systems use an evaporation technique to cool the air around misting lines that are positioned along the perimeter of the area to be cooled. Water is forced through specially designed nozzles to spray droplets of water into the surrounding air. These water droplets absorb the heat present in the atmosphere and evaporate, becoming water vapor or gas. The heat used to change the water to a gas is eliminated from the atmosphere and thus the air is cooled.

Outdoor Cooling Systems

Mist Fan Systems are based on the principle that Outdoor Cooling works best when evaporative cooling or line misting is combined with convective cooling or, in other words, cooling of moving air. The misting basically cools the air and the fan intensifies the cooling effect. To understand this concept, think of the ocean where breeze blows across the evaporating water, providing nature’s most effective Misting System.

The biggest advantage of Low Pressure Misting Line Systems is that they are very inexpensive and very easy to install. They all use your existing water pressure from your faucet without the need for a Misting Pump to create mist and you are not required to buy any further gadgets. Mid-Pressure Misting Line Systems are essentially low pressure mist systems combined with a small Misting Pump of between 100 and 300 psi. The droplets evaporate more efficiently, resulting in less residual moisture. High pressure misting line systems are indeed the best. They are the Misting Systems that you see and enjoy in outdoor restaurants and amusement parks. Big Fogg’s High-Pressure Misting Systems use High-Pressure Misting Pumps that produce 1000 psi or more to create tiny droplets that evaporate almost instantly. Like the Low-Pressure Misting Line Systems, the advantage of Low Pressure Misting Fans is they are inexpensive but more effective for the limited area that they cover than Low-Pressure Misting Line Systems.

Unlike with Misting Line Systems, the Mid-Pressure Misting Fans are not just Low-Pressure Fans with Mid-Pressure Pumps. They are high velocity Misting Fans with a Mid-Pressure Pump of 100-300 psi that improves the quality of the Misting Fan over Low-Pressure Misting Fan. High-Pressure Misting Fan Systems are the ultimate in outdoor cooling and in humid environments they work the most effectively. In high humidity environments they more effective than High-Pressure Misting Line Systems but the combination of both Misting Fans and Misting Line Systems can solve most outdoor cooling problems. The High-Pressure Misting Fans use pumps that produce 1000 psi or more to create tiny droplets that evaporate almost instantly. The high velocity fan creates significant air movement to spread the cooled air across a large area.

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Industrial Cooling

The ABCs of Industrial Cooling The horrid heat of summer can often make outdoor events uncomfortable and that is where the installation of Misting Systems becomes so valuable. Mist cooling systems also allow for considerable savings on energy. It has been effectively used by various industries all over the world. Anyone who has spent some time in a hot, stuffy warehouse or an extremely hot industrial factory understands how torturous heat and humidity can be. It is not only uncomfortable to work in, but it can be downright dangerous for the welfare of your workers. Extreme heat and humidity can, and frequently does, cause heat strokes. Working in these difficult conditions can lead to dehydration and, in extreme cases, even death. Responsible employers take the necessary steps to ensure that their employees have a safe, comfortable environment to work environment. One of the most effective ways to combat extreme heat and humidity in the workplace is to employ the use of an evaporative cooling system.

Big Fogg’s Misting Systems, Misting Fans and Evaporative Cooling Systems have been tested in the most extreme temperatures and environments, and they have consistently proven to cool the air by as much as 30 degrees. Our Misting Systems and Misting Fans give off a fine water mist that will cool you down without getting you wet. Big Fogg prides itself on the ability to insulate companies and their employees from the perils of a dangerous workplace caused by heat and humidity.

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Industrial Cooling

The ABCs of Temperature Control

Perhaps you are an individual looking for a way to make your time outside more enjoyable? Generally speaking, the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the effects of extreme heat is to simply avoid it. Our cooling systems are perfect for cooling your desert patio, so you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors together even on the hottest days of the year! We provide temperature control systems for almost any environment, and we back our products with an extensive written guarantee. Our product base consists of industrial, commercial, and residential cooling systems, so you can be sure that we have something that will meet your particular needs.

We encourage you to spend some time exploring our new corporate website, which gives detailed specifications and information on all of our evaporative cooling systems. Aside from being one of the best and most reliable product lines in the industry, our evaporative cooling systems are also very affordable to purchase and operate. We have a roster of domestic and international clients, and an ever growing portfolio of products. Our superior product line has provided affordable temperature control solutions for businesses and individuals since 1999. If you are looking stay cool, do it with A Misting Fan is a device that releases a fine water mist into the air, and distributes it with a fan.

Big Fogg’s Misting Fans are a cost-effective, reliable alternative to expensive air conditioning systems. Another thing that truly sets our Misting systems and Misting Fans products apart from traditional air conditioners is the ability to use them outdoors. These units are highly effective at maintaining a comfortable temperature for your outdoor work area or backyard patio. Our Misting Fan Systems are designed with only the highest quality components. Big Fogg’s High-Pressure Pump Module is crafted from stainless steel, and comes equipped with a self-contained filtration system. These High-Pressure Misting Pumps output water droplets as small as 10 microns, which flash evaporate upon contact with air, and leave no residual moisture.

The quality and craftsmanship of our misting systems is simply unparalleled in the Misting System Industry. Big Fogg Misting Fans can be used both indoors and outdoors. Through our Misting System technology, you’ll never have to worry about moisture causing damage to your home. The Misting Fan’s Mist evaporates almost immediately upon contact with the air, which will keep you both cool and dry on even the hottest days. In our extensive product line, we have fan misters to meet just about any need. We have large-scale industrial versions, smaller residential versions, and even new portable units.

Misting Systems

The ABCs of Misting & Safety By now, we all know about the dangers associated with heat exhaustion and dehydration. If you have done your homework on the subject, you would also know that elderly folks and young children are the most susceptible to the effects of extreme heat and humidity. At Big Fogg, we specialize in temperature modification systems that will keep you and your family safe and cool on even the hottest days. Our Misting Fans are vastly superior in both design and construction, and once you have experienced their soothing effects you will wonder how you ever lived without them. We carry an exclusive High-Pressure and Mid-Pressure Misting Fans that have consistently been proven to lower the temperature on an outdoor patio by up to 30 degrees. Big Fogg’s Misting Fans come equipped with a stainless steel Misting Rings and Misting Nozzles that releases a fine mist of water into the air.

The water mist flash evaporates on contact with air to provide maximum cooling without the residual effects of moisture. Big Fogg’s High-Pressure and Mid-Pressure Misting Fans will provide you and your family with the ability to spend countless hours outside, even in the most extreme heat and humidity. Big Fogg’s High Pressure Misting Fans and Misting Systems are very simple to build and install. They each come packaged with detailed installation instructions. Misting systems and Misting Fans are useful in a variety of tasks for both commercial and residential use. When you’re working outdoors in the hot summer months, whether it’s in the garden or playing a friendly game of football, it’s very easy to be overwhelmed by the heat of the sun. When your body temperature rises, you begin to sweat. This is your body’s way of regulating its ability to cope with heat, and acts as a cooling mechanism to ensure that you do not overheat and become ill. As we age, our ability to cope with the effects of extreme heat and humidity is greatly reduced, and this is most apparent around the age of 40. This puts each and every one us at risk of heat-related illness, including heat stroke and dehydration.

The ABCs of Big Fogg Quality Big Fogg can also boast some of the best prices in the industry. Big Fogg’s are competitively priced along with being state-of-the-art technology. Big Fogg’s Misting Systems are one of the most cost effective means of staying cool! When those dreadfully hot summer months arrive, you don’t have to give up your love of the great outdoors. We have legions of satisfied customers who have taken their summers back thanks to our top quality High-Pressure Misting Systems. High-Pressure Mist Fans have soared in popularity in recent times, especially in those hot southern climates. If you live in an area that is plagued by extreme heat or humidity, a water misting fan may be the thing you need to be able to enjoy your time outside. Misting Fans are frequently seen at large sporting events and Big Fogg Misting Fans can be seen at such as an NFL game and NCAA Football games, and are used to provide cooling relief to players and fans alike. Misting Fans work on the principals of evaporative cooling and thermodynamics, and they are one of the most reliable and effective cooling products on the market today. Our Misting Systems and Misting Fans work in the following manner.

Our specialized High-Pressure Misting Pumps forces the water through a patented nozzle at approximately 1000 pounds per square inch. Big Fogg’s High-Pressure Misting Nozzle has extremely small openings, which causes the pressurized water to be converted into a fine mist, with each water droplet measuring approximately 10 microns in size. This fine water mist evaporates almost immediately upon contact with the air, in a process known as flash evaporation. As the droplets evaporate, they draw in heat from the surrounding environment and cause the air to cool. An Industry Fan then circulates the cool air to provide relief from the heat.

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The ABCs of Misting Versatility

Misting Fans have provided countless families, restaurants and factories with relief from the scorching summer, but they can also be used for a number of other applications. Misting Fans and Misting Systems can be used to control and manage dust and odor in large industrial settings. Misting Systems and Fans can be used to perform special effects such as Misting Fog effects, during live sports and entertainment events. Big Fogg Misting Fans can help farmers keep their livestock cool during transport, when a livestock cooling system is most needed. Misting Fans can also be used as part of a greenhouse humidification system.

Most people, when they think about evaporative cooling systems, think about them as another form of air conditioning. While in some ways this is correct, a Misting Fan and/or Misting systems ultimately more functional and generally less expensive to maintain and operate than a traditional air conditioning system. In some cases, Big Fogg Misting Systems and Misting Fans have shown to use up to 80% less energy to operate than the average air conditioner. Furthermore, we have a number of Portable Misting Fans and a Hand-Held Misting Device that are entirely self-contained and can be used safely inside and outdoors. Big Fogg’s High-Pressure Misting Fan is more environmentally friendly than any other cooling and temperature control system on the market today.

The ABCs of Misting Versatility

Mist Systems

Misting Fans were created, based on the knowledge gleaned from the study of thermal dynamics and evaporative cooling. By studying natural processes as evidenced in nature, scientists were able to invent an evaporative cooling system that mimics those natural processes. In many industrial manufacturing environments, it is critically important to maintain the right temperature and humidity. Many industrial processes rely on the ability to maintain specific environmental conditions at every stage of the production process. In other cases, the industrial processes themselves create uncomfortable and unhealthy working conditions for your valued employees.

Big Fogg can provide customized quotes, based upon your individual needs, and tailored to your existing systems and processes. If dust control, cooling, humidification, and odor suppression are important to your business, Big Fogg can work with you to find a cost-effective, long-term solution to managing those issues. Big Fogg’s Misting Fans are frequently used during large, outdoor concerts and sporting events. Our products have been used on the extensively on the sidelines of NFL games to help keep the players cool during game time. Our products have been used to keep crowds cool at some of the largest outdoor concerts and music festivals around the world.

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The ABCs of Commercial Misting Advantages

Big Fogg Restaurant Misting can ensure that they still draw big crowds on those hot summer days, by providing their customers a comfortable, cool place to have a drink or a bite to eat. We have helped countless restaurant owners provide the best possible outdoor dining experience for their guests. Outdoor cooling systems have been shown to lower the overall temperature of an outdoor space by up to 20 percent. By providing your customers with a reprieve from the oppressive heat of summer, you can ensure that your restaurant, bar, or outdoor patio continues to thrive regardless of the weather outside.

Our outdoor cooling systems are also used in large, outdoor entertainment venues. Undoubtedly, you have seen our systems on the sidelines of major sporting events. Big Fogg have supplied cooling systems to a number of major sports teams, which are used to keep players cool during those all important games including the New York Yankees, Anaheim Angels, Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, LSU Football, Florida State, Buffalo Bills and the New Orleans Super Bowl 44 Championship Team. When athletes are working hard out on the field, they can be quickly overwhelmed by extreme heat and humidity. Our Misting Fan Systems outdoor cooling systems can provide your team with the protection they need to win the big game. Many Stadiums use our Misting Tents to provide maximum cooling for their patrons. In this setting, our outdoor cooling systems have been proven to save lives. Heat exhaustion and stroke can happen in an instant, so make an investment in the safety of your players with an outdoor cooling system from Big Fogg, Inc.

Big Fogg has assisted countless business owners with the implementation and installation of Outdoor Mist Fans and Misting systems. For a small investment and limited operating costs, you can be confident that your guests are enjoying their stay at your establishment. Depending on the nature of your competition, a Misting system or a Misting Fan may just might be the thing that separates you from your competitors. If you knew about a local patio that was always cool.

Big Fogg’s Misting Fans can also be used to create stunning visual effects. We have assisted nightclubs, casinos, and restaurants with creating visual effects though the combination of outdoor mist fans and lighting. By passing multicolored lighting through the fine mist created by our outdoor mist fans, we have been able to create visual effects that simply amaze. It is an incredible experience to be out on a patio on a warm summer night, enjoying a drink and sitting amidst a multicolored cloud of cool mist. Not only will a set-up like this keep your guests cool, it will undoubtedly help you attract new customers. Regardless of your particular business needs, if you are dealing with the general public and you live in an area that is plagued by extreme temperatures, you should consider investing in Big Fogg’s Outdoor Mist Fans or Misting Systems. Misting Fans and Misting Systems can provide a cost effective, reliable, environmentally friendly way to maintain a cool and comfortable climate for your friends and customers. Big Fogg will work with you to develop a custom-designed outdoor Misting System or Misting Fan System that fits every budget.

In some areas, it is not uncommon to hear about farm workers adversely affected by heat stroke and dehydration. In many cases, heat stroke and exhaustion in the agricultural sector can be avoided by making a reasonable investment in some of Big Fogg’s Agricultural Misting Tents and Misting Trailers.. While it’s our Portable Misting Fans and Misting Systems can provide your farm workers with relief from the heat in the area they happen to be working in. If you are in the business of raising livestock, you should also consider how you can benefit from the technology of Big Fogg’s High-pressure Misting systems.

When you are transporting your livestock during the hot summer heat, consider providing them with a reprieve from the heat with an Misting System or Misting Fan. Big Fogg has worked with countless businesses to design and implement an evaporative cooling system to provide Misting for their particular needs. As many people out in the workforce could attest, working in an industrial setting can be extremely dangerous. Not only do industrial workers have to be aware of their surroundings, but the heat generated by certain industrial processes can be detrimental to their health and well being. Big Fogg’s Industrial Misting Systems and Misting Fan cooling systems have been designed to accommodate a number of different applications, and they are regularly found in factories, forging mills and other industrial environments. If you are interested in worker cooling, spot cooling, dust control, odor reduction or process cooling, our engineering team will work with you to design and develop a cost effective evaporative cooling system that will get the job done.

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The ABCs of Misting Mechanics

Big Fogg’s High-Pressure Misting systems and Misting Fans use a High-Pressure Pump Module and High-Pressure Misting Nozzles, which disperses a fine water mist that evaporates immediately upon contact with the air. This is especially important in areas of high activity, such as a factory or warehouse. Some Factory cooling systems simply release moisture into the air, But Big Fogg’s High-Pressure Misting systems are highly regarded for the effectiveness of their flash evaporation process. Industrial Misting Systems and Industrial Misting Fans can be designed to work in any particular temperature requirements while keeping your workers safe and maintaining the integrity of your products.

Big Fogg Industrial Misting Fans and Misting systems are regularly used for dust control and odor reduction. In many industrial settings, especially those where production processes create undesirable working conditions, an Misting Systems or Misting Fans can be the decisive factor in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. In some cases, the production processes in certain industries can cause an unbearable odor. This is especially apparent in food processing plants. Evaporative cooling systems are one of the most effective means of reducing odors in your workplace or food processing plant.

Big Fogg’s engineering department can work with you to develop an industrial cooling/misting solution that will meet your specific needs. We have worked closely with some of the largest manufacturers in the world and we have provided them with a cost effective solution that deals with the issues of dust control, odor reduction, and process cooling in a safe and thoughtful manner.

A Big Fogg Industrial Spot Cooling Misting System will keep workers cool and refreshed, right at their desks — at a fraction of the cost of an air conditioning unit. Workers will stay productive, despite the weather, which makes an industrial spot cooler an investment in results. Big Fogg’s Industrial Misting systems and Misting fans can help just about any industry. For repairmen working with boilers and furnaces, warehouse workers, firemen, and metal workers, the season doesn’t matter. It is always blazing hot, and highly uncomfortable. Using a Misting System or Misting Fan can reduce temperatures by 20 to 30 degrees, without drastically increasing the humidity level. This means that more time can be spent in traditionally hot environments, like in a furnace room, without discomforting heat.

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Big Fogg’s Misting Systems and Misting Fans have an immense possible industrial, factory, forging uses. To keep workers cool and happy during the summer — or any season, for that matter – Big Fogg Misting fans and Big Fogg Misting systems will provide the solution to your heating problems. Please contact Big Fogg tool free at 951-587-2460 for them to provide a custom solution to you industrial, agricultural, commercial, sports or residential heat-related problems. Big Fogg solves your problems while making you cool without getting you wet!

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