New Misting System Products

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Big Fogg’s BIGDOG Industrial Fan is just one of the many new products for 2011.

The 72” BIGDOG is the ultimate ventilator fan for cooling large areas of industrial plants, warehouses, factories, mills or any large area that needs ventilation and cooling. It can even be used to prevent condensation from building up on the ceiling in processing plants.

This behemonth BIG DOG unit is 72” diameter, 3 HP, belt driven, fiberglass, 6-wing (aluminum), variable speed circulation fan fitted with 6 fully adjustable fiberglass air deflectors, allowing the air stream to be aimed whatever it is needed. The BigDog blows away its competition and makes the Big Ass fan take a back seat. AT full power the BIGDOG Fan total airflow is around 45,000 cfm with air speed at the outlet around 1,500 feet per minute. Truly this is an awesome display of power over large areas for worker cooling/equipment cooling.

The speed of the BIGDOG Fan can also be tempered and be used as an air de-stratified redistributing tapped hot air from the ceiling and saving resulted in dramatic reduction in the company’s reducing heating costs. The BIGDOG is easy to install and maintain, as it’s operates quietly with maximum efficiently and can save the customer substantially by reductions of their heating bills.

Other new industrial cooling products include the Total Factory Humidification Misting System, the In-Duct Humidity Control Misting system, the Overhead ‘Revolution Misting Fan’ and its sister unit the smaller and more compact ‘Desert Fog Fan’ , High-Pressure Overhead Misting Tubes and Molded Shroud Industrial Wall-Mounted Misting Fans. All these products operate off the principles of evaporative cooling and flash evaporation. 

For the event misting and misting rental marketplace, Big Fogg is announcing its new inflatable mister, the 10’ x 10’ mid-pressure and high-pressure party misting pavilions. These are specifically designed for ease of use, maximum exposure and reasonable priced. These new inflatable misters provide the ultimate outdoor cooling experience. In May 2011, Big Fogg will introduce a NEW 16” Air-Fogger Misting Fan.

This Misting Fan will incorporate all the technology of the Air-Fogger 30” unit, with compressor combined with specially patented nozzles, at a lower price and more mobility. On the residential and commercial misting side, new products from Big Fogg include the Holmes Backyard Misting Fan, HandiMist II & the Water Mist Fans. The Holmes Oscillating Misting Fan is designed for outdoor use and connects to your water hose. This is a complimentary product to our Windchaser Misting Fan. New for 2011 is the Big Fogg HandiMist II, it is a portable misting fan that sits on top of 14-gallon igloo containers and has large wheels attached for ease.


New Portable Mist Fan

We are also introducing our new portable mist fan direct from China the Water Mist Fan, the premium handheld personal mister that cool you down anywhere at anytime. This eight (8) ounce magical misting system has one nozzle over a small fan that provides cooling in hot weather or when exercising. Big Fogg carries a full line of Outdoor Cooling products including Misting Fans, Misting Systems, Misting Tents, Inflatable Misters, Dust Control Misting Systems, Odor Control Misting Systems, Humidity Control Misting Systems, Industrial Fans and Portable Misting Systems.

Please contact Big Fogg at their toll free number at 888-853-1728 to receive a custom quote on all your Outdoor Cooling Systems.