Big Fogg Professional Misting Systems in Northern Florida

Using the magic of evaporative cooling technology, our misting systems and misting fans can lower temperatures by up to 30 degrees. Imagine the sudden cool on a hot, summer day without getting wet. Our high-pressure cooling mist systems are popular among NFL and NCAA football games, outdoor restaurants, resorts, theme parks and entertainment venues. Meanwhile, our low and mid pressure misting systems provide residential relief from the heat on patios, gazebos and backyard entertaining areas.

Big Fogg is a pioneer in misting systems and offers the best outdoor cooling solutions available in Northern Florida. Whether it’s a high-pressure misting fans—perfect for large sporting events—or a complete misting system for patios or backyards…you can count on Big Fogg to deliver.

During months of uncomfortable heat, transform your outdoor space into an inviting destination with cool misting system solutions.

Big Fogg is pleased to serve customers in the following North Florida cities:
• Jacksonville
• St. Augustine
• Pensacola
• Daytona Beach
• Orange Park
• Tallahassee
• Melrose
• Lake City
• Gainesville
• Panama City
• Palm Coast

Call 1-951-587-2460 today to discuss a misting system or misting fan quote that meets your outdoor cooling needs.