Big Fogg Mid-Pressure Nylon Misting Systems are offered in a variety of sizes and configurations. Each misting system consists of a ten-foot misting line systems section, with corresponding number of nozzles. The nylon line is on a spool. The nylon misting system is a kit that consists of a mid-pressure misting pump (operating at 300 psi.), 3/8″ OD nylon misting line, nylon feed line, push lock fittings, nozzles, and clamps.

Configurations and prices:

30’ Nylon Line 15 Nozzles $1,265.00
40’ Nylon Line 20 Nozzles $1,375.00
50’ Nylon Lone 25 Nozzles $1,475.00
60’ Nylon Line 30 Nozzles $1,598.00
70 Nylon Line 35 Nozzles $1,710,00
80 Nylon Line 40 Nozzles $1,820.00
90 Nylon Line 45 Nozzles $1,925.00

 Quality Built Pump
 Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor with Automatic Overload
 Quiet Operation
 Inlet Solenoid Valve
 Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge
 5-Micron Filtration
 Outdoor Rated/ Weather Resistant
 Durable Powder Coat Finish
 On/off Switch
 Cord Connected
 50′ Roll Nylon Tubing 1000 PSI Rated for Feed Line from Pump to Mist Line
 24″ Nylon Tube Straight Sections for Misting Area
 Push Connect Fittings
 Anti-Drip Nozzles
 Clamps, Screws, Anchors Included
 2 Year Pump Warranty
 Simple Installation


Unlock the secret to a outdoor cooling with the Big Fogg Mist 300 PSI Misting System, a masterpiece of cooling technology that turns even on the hottest summer turns your backyard into refreshing oasis. Our cutting-edge mid-pressure misting system blends convenience and performance to elevate your outdoor cooling experience to new dimensions.

Big Fogg mid-pressure nylon misting system has been built to be an exceptional residential product to keep the outdoor and patio areas cool and refreshed. The mid- pressure nylon misting systema operates at a robust 300 PSI (pounds per square inch), it unleashes a flow of ultra-fine mist stemming from specially designed nozzles, The result is “flash evaporation” whereby the evaporation process cools the air, offering you a respite from the heat. Perfect for outdoor patios, near the pool, cooking a BBQ on a hot sunny summer day.

Big Fogg mid-pressure nylon misting system is compatible with standard garden hoses, making it accessible to everyone. Customize your misting system by choosing from a range of nozzle options and tubing lengths to suit your unique outdoor cooling needs.

Additional information

Misting System Length

30’ 15 Nozzles, 40’ 20 Nozzles, 50’ 25 Nozzles, 60’ 30 Nozzles, 70’ 35 Nozzles, 80’ 40 Nozzles, 90’ 45 Nozzles