Big Fogg sells many various portable misting systems and fans in all sizes and for all applications.

For example, Big Fogg portable misting fans are used extensively on the sidelines of hundreds and hundreds of National Football League and NCAA football games. These same high-pressure Blitz sideline portable misting fans are available for purchase, sale, or lease to customers.

Big Fogg also carries a large collection of portable misting fans for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Our portable misting fans range from the smaller model Handimist line of Misting Fans to 24” Oscillating sideline misting fan to our large 36” industrial misting fan and even out 72” overhead Big Dog Misting Fan. Our complete line of mobile cooling fans provides the owner with flexibility at work and at play by delivering refreshing cooling misting experience outside even when the outside temperature is extreme.

Please call me our misting fan experts at 951-852-5885 to discuss our impressive line of Big Fogg Misting Fans, Cool Zone Misting Fans, Schafer Ventilation Misting Fans and Hydromist Misting Fans.