Humidity Control Misting Systems

A humidification misting system is a high-pressure misting system that is equipped with moisture sensors designed to control humidity levels in facilities, warehouses and industrial environments.

These computer-driven misting systems maintain the proper moisture in the air, thereby minimizing – or eliminating – product and packaging issues such as shrinkage, warping, swelling and deformation. Humidification misting systems are particularly valuable to companies processing paper or wood-based substrates.

Big Fogg high-pressure misting systems can be separated into different zones throughout a facility to accommodate the range of environmental conditions that may exist. Once installed, the humidity sensors controlling the systems automatically activate when the humidity drops below a certain level (for example, 453%) – and automatically shut off when the humidity rises above a designated level (for example, 47%).

Big Fogg humidification misting systems allow businesses to control the humidity levels across an environment within 2% of the targeted levels.

With Big Fogg humidification misting systems,  each zoned area to can be controlled separately as well.  This allows you to ensure uniform humidity across even the busiest and most expansive manufacturing or warehouse environment.  Plus, your entire system can be monitored and controlled from one central location, for maximum convenience and efficiency.

Implementing Big Fogg humidification systems is a relatively easy, straightforward process that our technicians will handle for you.  Stainless steel misting lines are first installed throughout the facility, attached to either the ceiling or walls. Once the lines are in place, Big Fogg engineers will install the optimum number and size of the high-pressure misting nozzles needed for humidification control.  Day-to-day operation of these systems is simple as well.

Big Fogg humidification misting systems are low maintenance and long lasting, making them a quality, cost-effective choice.  Plus, you get the benefits of our decades of experience – and all the performance characteristics of the industry’s most advanced industrial humidification misting technology.

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