Inflatable Misters

Big Fogg Misting Systems can be incorporated inside of a Misting Inflatable of any size or shape. Over the years, Big Fogg has sold and made multiple Misting Inflatables including 25’x25′ Red Coca Cola Misting Inflatable, 15’x15′ High-Pressure Promotional Inflatable for Labatt’s, Budweiser, and the Detroit Lions. These Misting Inflatables are a fun, easy and inexpensive way to provide outdoor cooling at events, concerts and summer parties. Big Fogg sells and rents a large variety of misting inflatable. Use your imagination to design an inflatable and Big Fogg sells and rents a large variety of misting inflatables. Misting Inflatable can come with either High-Pressure or Mid-Pressure Misting Systems depending on your needs and requirements.

All of Big Fogg’s inflatable misting systems can be customized with your preferred imaging, logos and signage. If you need it to match your company’s brand identity, we can do it. Just let us know how you want to design it and we’ll work with you throughout the entire process.

Big Fogg Inflatable Misting can come with D-rings that allow signage to be attached to the top of the structure and on the legs of the structure. Thereby giving the owner the ability to change advertisers or advertising message as easily as swapping signage.

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