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The Power of Patio Misting for Families and Businesses If you’ve ever been to an amusement park, a winery, an outdoor sporting event or festival during the hot summer months, you’ve likely experienced the cool, refreshing light spray of a misting system. As temperatures begin to rise leading up to record-breaking heat common in Southern California and across the country, now is a great time to consider high-pressure misting systems for your business or at home for your family and friends. Patio misting is one of the most efficient ways to combat the heat and transform your outdoor patio into a cool, relaxing oasis. Summer heat should not keep you captive indoors with air conditioning. By installing a misting system, you get to control the climate outdoors and enjoy your backyard patio or gazebo while maximizing the cooling benefits of the ultra-fine mist.

How does outdoor misting work?
Patio misting or outdoor misting involves evaporative cooling, a process by which water molecules evaporate into the air. When the pressurized water changes from liquid form to a gas state it channels through tubing as a refreshing mist with small droplets. As the droplets evaporate the air temperature drops, creating a comfortable environment outdoors, even when temperatures are sweltering. A high-pressure stainless-steel misting system that operates at 1000 psi forces the mist out of extremely small nozzles thereby reducing the size of the droplets. These water droplets evaporate almost immediately causing a reaction called “flash evaporation” which results in a drop in temperatures between 25 & 30 degrees without wetness, depending on the humidity, temperature and system. Big Fogg offers a premium high-pressure misting system for the ultimate misting experience, a more cost-effective mid-pressure misting system and a DIY mist system that’s powered by one 20-amp circuit and by a constant flow from your water hose.

The Benefits of Misting Systems?
•In addition to efficiently cooling outdoor spaces, many of the notable advantages of patio misting systems include:
• Health and Wellness: Some misting systems can help to prevent upper respiratory illnesses like pneumonia and bronchitis by eliminating viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants.
• Energy Savings: Compared to air conditioning units, misting systems consume significantly less energy. They work by using water, making them not only eco-friendly but cost-effective.
•Dust and Allergen Reduction: Misting systems can help reduce allergens such as dust mites in your outdoor area by trapping particles in the mist droplets and bringing them to the ground.
• Insect Repellent: The mist created by these systems can serve as a natural insect repellent, keeping flying insects at bay.
• Plant Health: Misting systems can benefit your garden or outdoor plants by providing consistent moisture, especially in enclosed structures like greenhouses.
• Pet Safety: Dogs can enjoy the outdoors longer with a misting system to keep them cool.

Patio Misting Systems for Commercial Use Many businesses that cater to customers outdoors have found that that they can turn their misting systems into revenue generators. For example, with a patio misting system, a restaurant can seat more customers comfortably outdoors, extending the eatery’s maximum capacity. This simply could not happen without the power of misting systems.
Likewise, at hotels and resorts with pool areas, high pressure misters help to keep guests cool and relaxed without getting them wet. Overall, a misting system contributes to an elegant and comfortable environment for employees and guests.
Despite unbearable temperatures during the summer, with patio misting you or patrons of your business can enjoy outdoor spaces comfortably. Big Fogg has installed over 1,000 high- pressure misting systems in restaurants, bars, residential homes, and resorts, including twenty-five Temecula wineries.

Big Fogg has trained technicians and installers that have installed high pressure misting systems in the most difficult job sites throughout Southern California, around the country and even installed misting systems internationally as close as Canada and as far away as Kuwait.

Winery Recommendation
“…Big Fogg designed and installed our stainless-steel misting systems, while providing excellent customer service and workmanship. Most importantly, Big Fogg is a 25-year-old local company, and its technicians are only a few minutes away by car if we have an emergency.
Wiens Family Cellars wants to thank Big Fogg Misting Systems and their outstanding administration and installation staff for assisting us in growing our business. The Big Fogg Misting Systems installed throughout the winery provide a comfortable, safe, and luxurious outdoor atmosphere for patrons.”
David Wien
Wiens Winery

Big Fogg offers a wide variety of patio misting systems to cool your backyard patio, pool and garden.  Choose our premium high-pressure misting system for the ultimate misting experience – or a more cost-effective mid-pressure misting system or a DIY mist system simply powered by your water hose.

Southern California summers can be hot and dry. Big Fogg patio misters are easy to use and reduce ambient heat by up to 30 degrees all season long.

“The install team was fantastic. Very professional and answered all my questions.”

  • Gene Chi

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