Big Fogg now builds and sells a Standard Mid-Pressure Misting Tent Unit. This Mid-Pressure Misting Tent (Standard) comes with a Mid-Pressure Pump Module and Premium 1/4″ Nylon Misting Line and Standard Fitting. This Misting Tent is built to last and perform.

The pump of Big Fogg’s Mid-Pressure Misting Tent (Standard) operates at 150 psi and provides a finer mist than low pressure misting and the misting evaporates more quickly and provides more cooling. This unit is recommended for people who intend on moving the Misting Tent from location to location since it is more durable and easy to set-up.


(1) Standard Mid-Pressure Misting Pump Module
(1) 10’ x 10’ Misting Tent- Non-Rust Frame
(20) Slip-Lock Misting Nozzles
(88’) Standard Nylon Mid-Pressure Misting Line
(6) Spare Nozzles

These Big Fogg Misting Tents are built before they are sent to the customer and tested for performance. This ensures complete customer satisfaction.