Big Fogg sells various stainless-steel misting ring kits with various diameter and nozzle configurations. These misting ring kits come as a complete unit with everything you need to retrofit your industrial fans – making them into misting fans.

Big Fogg sells the following standard combinations of misting rings, but can also supply custom sized misting rings to fit your fans. Seven of these products are combination of stainless-steel single misting rings while two of them are stainless steel dual misting rings. Big Fogg Misting Rings have standard 10/24” thread configurations. However, Big Fogg can also provide 12/24” nozzle thread configurations, if you need and request that size.

Stainless Steel Misting Ring Pricing:

– 12” Misting Fan Ring with 4 Nozzles for industrial fans 14-18” in Diameter ($138.66)
– 16” Misting Fan Ring with 6 Nozzles for industrial fans 18-20” in Diameter ($170.83)
– 22” Misting Fan Ring with 8 Nozzles for industrial fans 24-30” in Diameter ($184.99)
– 28” Misting Fan Ring with 12 Nozzles for industrial fans 30-36” in Diameter ($236.44)


Each misting ring configuration kit includes everything you need to attach a misting ring to your industrial fan. Misting ring components that are included in the misting ring kits are as follows:

1. Misting Nozzles
2. Nylon Tubing -10 feet
3. Male Adapter – ¼” x 3/8” compression
4. Hose Adapter


Additional Misting Ring Components Information:

Made with Industrial Grade 3/8” 318 stainless steel tubing
Misting ring can be used with High Pressure and Mid Pressure Misting Pumps
Comes with either 10/24” or 12/24” threading
Misting ring tubing is rated for use up to 2500 psi

Can be attached to any industrial fan, including wall mounted or pedestal fans.

Stainless Steel Misting Rings:

On hot days, fans move hot air from one location to another. By adding a misting ring to the fans, they become misting fans providing a refreshing cooling mist by combining the cooling features of misting ring to the air aspiration properties of the fans. These stainless-steel misting rings can be secured to the fan face by using zip ties, Velcro strips or binding wire. These misting ring kits include nylon tubing, a male adapter, a hose adapter, and a misting nozzle so you have all you need to turn your fan into a misting fan.


Some applications of Big Fogg Misting Rings:

They provide patio misting for restaurant patrons, for home or for work environment by turning industrial fans into a cool refreshing misting fan with a misting ring.

Make special events real special!


Please call Big Fogg’s knowledgeable customer service technicians with any questions or comments. Call with any questions on what product works best for it at 951-587-2460.

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