Big Fogg custom builds water misting tanks in various sizes, designs and covering per the specifications and requests of the client. The Water Tank System in the photo was built for the Denver Bronco Training Camp and is reflected their color scheme. This Water misting tank included a 250-gallon water bank, a booster pump to use to feed the pressurized pump, a dual filtration system for clean water.

The Water Misting Tank is fork lift abide and is light weight and easy to move before the water is added. These custom built water tanks can be used in just about any environment and can bring portability to any event or gathering that needs an outside water event.

Please call an expert at Big Fogg at 951-587-2460 to discuss having Big Fogg builds you an all-inclusive custom water tank.


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New Big Fogg Water Misting Tanks comes in various sizes, designs and coverings depending on the needs of the clients. This 250 gallon water tank built shown the photo was built for the Denver Broncos and reflected their color scheme. Our Water Misting Tanks include booster pumps, filtration systems and wheels to easier move the tank, when empty. Please call for a custom quote on our Water Misting Tanks.