The Cool Caddie Misting Fan is designed to be the best self-contained portable misting system in the marketplace today for its size. It can cool down the ambient environment on even the hottest and most humid days of the season, sometimes by as much as 25 degrees F without wetness. It is quieter than a standard house box fan so you can easily stand next to it and carry on a conversation. It operates at 1,000 PSI.

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A portable misting fan with a water tank and filtration system provides the best advantage of mobility and convenience.

• 24″ Oscillating, Variable Speed Fan With Stainless Steel Cage
• Aluminum Fan Blade
• Adjustable Height Fan Easily Moves ~59″ to ~70″ at center
• Stainless Steel Nozzles
• Four Misting Cycle Modes
• Built-in Water Tank Holds About 16 Gallons
• Can Run Continuously While Connected To External Water Source*
• Built-In Water Filter Via Hose Connection

• Low Water Level Switch: turns off the pump when the water tank is too low
• Float Valve: shuts of the water source to avoid tank overflow
• TEFC Pump Motor: enclosed motor reduces the chance of electric shock
• TEFC Fan Motor: enclosed motor reduces the chance of electric shock

• Designed for temporary indoor/outdoor cooling and landscaping.
• Suitable for backyard BBQ party, outdoor events, exhibition, garden
restaurant, and sports activities.

• Variable-speed, 90º oscillating fan
• Adjustable height fan head: ~59″ to ~ 70″ at center
• Fan shroud focuses on air flow
• Stainless steel nozzles
• Four misting cycle modes
• Mist always on
• 30s mist on / 30s mist off
• 40s mist on / 40s mist off
• 50s mist on / 50s mist off
• Integrated water tank
• Low water level safety switch
• Mechanical water overfill safety switch
• Built-in water filter with garden hose inlet
• High-Pressure Relief valve
• Can run while attached to a water source
• Overfill switch maintains the tank water level
• Enclosed fan & pump motors reduce electric shock
• External recirculation path prevents pump overheat
• Integrated cart handles
• Rear rubber tread tires
• Front locking caster wheel
• Bumper

• Part Number: FTC-P-24-8
• Dimensions: 28″ D x 22” W x ~69″ to ~80″ H
(adjustable height)
• Weight: 112 lbs.
• Electrical: 110V, 60Hz, 12.5 Amps, 1375 Watts
• Fan Blade Size: 24″
• Fan Head Size: 20.5″
• Coverage Area: ~300 sq. ft.
• Maximum Run Time: 4 hrs on tank / all day with
hose attached
• Tank Size: 15.85 gal.
• Output: 0.18 gpm
• Nozzles: 5 each with 0.008’’
• Water Filter: 1 each built-in
• Fan RPM: max 1750
• System Water Pressure: 1000 psi
• Noise Level: ~50 dB
• Temperature Drop: ~25º F
• Color: Beige
• Warranty: 1-year manufacturer’s warranty