Purchasing a Home Misting System? 6 Questions to Ask

With COVID-19 putting a damper on summer travel plans, more people are spending their leisure time at home – and they don’t want to be stuck inside during the hot summer months.  A great way to beat the heat outdoors is to install a residential misting system.

Misting fans and systems come in many styles, sizes, and price points.  To help you get started, Big Fogg sat down with President and CEO Chris Miehl for advice.  Read on for his insights:

BF: What’s new in the way of home misting systems?

CM: Residential misting systems have changed over the years.  In the past, misting systems and fans were designed to actually spray people with water droplets.  Today, our goal is not to get people wet. So, we offer high-pressure systems through stainless steel lines at 1000 pounds of pressure.

With modern atomized systems, we achieve flash evaporation, which means the droplets of mist are so fine they evaporate almost immediately.  The result is a reduction in ambient temperature of up to 25 degrees or more – without any residual moisture.

BF: How much should I expect to spend?

CM: Like anything else – such as cars – it depends on what you envision.  There are the basic models, the better models that are a step up, and there is always the Rolls Royce.  You also have to consider how big of an area needs to be cooled, how many segments it will take and how the system will be installed.

We can suggest different levels of misters, comprised of different materials, based on a designated budget.  We can offer different levels of pressurization as well – 300 PSI mid-pressure cools you down without the evaporation.  This can run around $500 to $600 for a simple install, for example.

You can get more elaborate and put misters all over the house. That, of course, will cost more.  Plus, misting systems do more than cool you down.  We can design a system for mistscaping – one that delivers special mist effects around your patio or pool, for example.

Remember, though, that the more elaborate the system you choose, the more experienced your installers need to be.

BF:  What is involved in installing a system?

CM: For the most part, we contract out complex installations. But, if your installation is relatively simple, you can do it yourself with guidance from us.  We will walk you through the process and ensure you get the results you want.

BF: What is involved in maintaining a home misting system?

CM: There will be some basic maintenance.  Remember that you are putting water through the misting system and that nozzles can become clogged because of hard water.  Calcium removers can be used to clean the nozzles – and you will need to change them out from time to time.  But you can also soak them in vinegar to remove the hard water buildup.  That is a very simple and effective way to keep nozzles operating optimally.

BF: Do misting systems work as effectively in high-humidity areas?

CM: No. For installations located in the South, for example, or near the beach, we recommend a wall-mounted or portable misting fan configuration.  The fan aides in the evaporation process to keep the environment cool without moisture.

BF: Why should I choose Big Fogg as a provider?

CM: We are very experienced, having been in this business for more than 20 years.  We have installed misting systems for some of the world’s biggest names in sports, entertainment, music and hospitality.  We are visionaries when it comes to designing custom installs and can turn an ordinary backyard into a cool oasis you will enjoy for years to come.

Feel free to visit us online or call us any time at (951) 587-2460 to discuss your outdoor cooling needs.  Our experience, expertise and creativity can help you enjoy outdoor living all year long.