24" High-Pressure Misting and Cooling Fans Rental

24″ High-Pressure Misting and Cooling Fans

24″ High-Pressure Misting and Cooling Fans

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These “Misting Fans” are fans that are used on the sideline on NFL and NCAA football game over the last 20 years. These same fans are available for rent for your event, party or festival.

Big Fogg has delivered setup and maintained these Misting Fans at thousands of NFL and NCAA football games over the years. It’s most popular rental product has been rented for multiple events and festivals. These fans can be used at any location that has water and electricity. Multiple high pressure Misting Fans can be operated off one high-pressure pump.

Big Fogg has been at the forefront of athletes and cooling people off. Not only are our misting fans popular at sporting events, but also highly useful at driving ranges, fairs, festivals and any gathering to cool both athletes and patrons.

Please call Big Fogg’s staff of professionals to decide how many of these units would work best for you.