Dragon Heat Sideline Heating Seat Rental

Dragon Heat Sideline Heating Seat

Dragon Heat Sideline Heating Seat

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THESE WARM HEATING BENCHES HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFULLY UTILIZED THROUGHOUT THE NFL TO PROVIDE THE ULTIMATE IN SIDELINE HEATING. In 2018, Big Fogg delivered, setup and maintained these benches at a record amount of NFL & NCAA games across the country. Over the Thanksgiving weekend alone, Big Fogg rented, delivered, setup, and maintained over 50 heated benches on approximately 20 sidelines, including 10 benches at the big Michigan State-Ohio State game in Columbus, Ohio.

A Dragon Heat Sideline Heating Seat bench provides an ergonomically comfortable seat for a player; they also keep a player’s muscles loose, flexible and more elastic, thus helping the player perform at their highest level while at the same time reducing their risk of muscle-related injuries.

Our state-of-the-art benches also feature slide-out heated foot decks that direct warm air upward, so players are warmed from the front and back. For collegiate and professional football, our patented “Hot Hat” helmet-warming accessory is installed on our heated outdoor bench to keep the insides of helmets warm. This prevents the interior bladders from hardening in the cold. Unlike a cold helmet, a warm helmet fits properly and is much more capable of protecting players from head injuries in freezing temperatures.

Our heated outdoor bench is specially designed to provide the user with comfortable, ergonomic positioning.