Handimist Portable Misting Fan (10 gallon tank) Rental

Handimist Portable Misting Fan (10 gallon tank)

Handimist Portable Misting Fan (10 gallon tank)

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The Big Fogg 18″ Handimist Misting Fan (UL507 rated) is housed in a 10-gallon can. Low pressure mist technology combines fine mist and high speed air movement for highly effective “person” cooling indoors and outdoors. It is capable of reducing ambient temperatures by as much as 30 degrees.

These 18″ portable, 3-speed, self-contained misting fans are designed for residential, commercial and industrial use, both inside and outside. Ideal for cooling work areas, exercise areas, patios and outdoor events, such as youth baseball and soccer games.

Handimist Features and Specifications:

  • Produces up to 2600 CFM of cooling breeze
  • Operates for 4-5 hours before it needs refilling
  • Wheeled version has a handle and wheels for easy movement
  • Integrated tip switch will turn power off if unit is knocked over
  • 25 foot outdoor rated power cord has a GFCI plug for use in standard wall outlet
  • Adjustable fan head for targeted cooling
  • Pump and fan assembly easily separates from the reservoir for quick and effortless set up, cleaning and storage
  • Empty weight: 35lbs
  • Tank dimensions: 20″ tall x 15″ diameter and unit is 42″ tall when assembled

*Unit has a two year warranty