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Inflatable Misters

Inflatable Misters

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These high-pressure Inflatable Misters were first used by Budweiser at the World Cup and afterwards by the Coca Cola company at the Olympics. Their dimensions are 15′ x 15′ x 11′ and have as many 40 people inside them at one time. Over time they have been extremely popular with patrons seeking relief from the heat.

If you’re planning an outdoor event during warm weather, you want your guests to be able to keep cool. In addition to offering bottled water and other cold beverages, you can set up inflatable misting systems throughout the venue.

An inflatable misting system is a structure that people can stand under to cool off. It gently sprays cool and refreshing water down on the people who stand beneath it. An inflatable misting structure is a simple and effective way for people to beat the heat and cool off so they can head back out and spend more time enjoying the festivities.

Some of these units allow a sponsor to place his banners on these inflatable misters thereby providing ‘advertising opportunities’ for the provider of these products.