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Spot Heater rental

Spot Heater rental

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Big Fogg Misting System’s IRLens is an exclusive, unique and patented “lens” that is fitted on all BigFogg heaters. The revolutionary design of the IRLens captures the majority of the infrared wasted by ALL other heaters on the market and FOCUSES it on a targeted area or zone…thus spot heating it! As a result, the BigFogg Heaters can:

-increase delivered heat by 300-500%
-attain a 20 degree increase in zone temperature
-reduce heating costs by 50% or more


Available in gas and electric
No venting required (gas models)
Does not rely on mechanical systems
Low noise operation
Variable sizes of heating zones or targets
Compact and lightweight
Full heat in three minutes
Can be mounted farther away from the target – out of the way of people and machines
Creates sharp edges between heat and no heat – you don’t have to heat areas that don’t need it.
The outside of the heater is cool – safe for portable applications
Wind does not affect radiant heat
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