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Way Cools – 1 HP Units and Evaporative Cooling Units

Way Cools – 1 HP Units and Evaporative Cooling Units

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Way Cool: Portable air conditioning. 15 amp evaporative cooling fan. Way cools are a portable evaporative cooler. They blow cooled air from an oscillating spout and are an alternative to expensive A/C systems. These are easy to use, and only require a 110 outlet.

Evaporation Coolers: also known as swamp coolers or desert coolers (not to be confused with spot coolers), have been used in the Southwest for years as a more efficient and cost effective option to air conditioning. You can use this same simple technology to lower the effective air temperature by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit and operate for pennies a day!

Evaporation cooling works by saturating cooling pads with water and pulling the cool air out from them. It’s that simple! They do not use environmentally sensitive and costly refrigerants. To operate these units, you simply fill the unit with up to 24 gallons of clean water, or attach a garden hose, and run the unit on “pump only” mode for a few minutes to saturate the cooling pads. Then select your cooling speed – high or low.