Residential Patio Misting Systems

Big Fogg offers a large variety of Residential Patio Misting Systems to cool down your backyard patio, pool and garden area.  Choose our premium high-pressure misting system for the ultimate misting experience or a more cost-effective mid-pressure misting system or a do-it-yourself mist system simply powered by your home’s water hose.

Cool Down Your Patio, Pool and Garden Area at an Affordable Price


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Big Fogg offers a wide variety of patio misting systems to cool your backyard patio, pool, and garden.  Choose our premium HIGH-PRESSURE MISTING SYSTEM for the ultimate misting experience – or a more cost-effective mid-pressure misting system or a DIY mist system simply powered by your water hose.


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The Cool Caddie Misting Fan is designed to be the best self-contained portable misting system in the marketplace today for its size. It can cool down the ambient environment on even the hottest and most humid days of the season, sometimes by as much as 25 degrees F without wetness. It is quieter than a standard house box fan so you can easily stand next to it and carry on a conversation. It operates at 1,000 PSI.

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Big Fogg wall-mounted misting fans come in 18,” 24” and 30” models and both oscillating and non-oscillating configurations. Our fans come with everything that a customer needs to install for patio misting or outdoor cooling areas. This includes a bracket for the wall mount misting fan and a fitting to connect the misting fan to the high pressure misting pump. Our fans come with either a molded shroud or a plastic shroud around the misting fan.

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Portable Misting Fans

The new Handimist II has a redesigned tank for easier assembly and transport but retains all the features you love, including a 3 speed, outdoor rated fan (available in White or Black), the choice of mist plus air or air only cooling, and safety features including GFI and tip-switch disconnect. The new PVM18 pump now has a 14 gallon/7 hour tank capacity, built-in rubber wheels, and a retractable pull handle for easy transport as well as the same fan and safety features as the PVM18.

Heat can be a major problem on many job sites and can result in worker fatigue, reduced morale, decreased productivity and the risk of heat stress. Both HandiMist models are great for cooling work areas, special events, patios, or sidelines, when limited electricity and/or water supply is available. Big Fogg’s HandiMist misting fans are a great way to beat the heat!

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