Consumers love to visit outdoor retail centers to shop, dine and meet up with friends.  While your retail center is likely shaded to protect guests from the heat, during peak summer months your architectural and landscaping elements may fall short of the task – simply because it is just too hot.

To keep patrons comfortable on even the hottest days, Big Fogg offers a variety of misting systems and fans that can cool outdoor environments by as much as 25 degrees – without residual moisture.

Choose from our high-pressure misting systems, which comes in different sizes, materials and nozzle options and can be installed along ceilings and walls to keep walkways clear.  Big Fogg wall-mounted and portable misting fans are available as well and can be placed throughout the center to provide much-needed spot relief from the heat.

The Big Fogg team includes expert designers and installers who are there for you every step of the way.  Our systems are cost effective to install, easy to maintain and engineered for long-lasting performance – which is why Big Fogg has become the trusted name in commercial outdoor cooling.

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