(Temecula, CA) – Big Fogg, Inc. with offices in Temecula, CA and Jacksonville, FL has been commissioned by the National Football league to provide Big Fogg Heating Benches and sideline Radiant Heaters for the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens game at Foxboro as well as the Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets game in Cincinnati. The two playoffs games will be held the second weekend of January 2010.

The misting company has provided its sideline heating systems and misting fans at multiple Playoff Games, Super Bowls and Pro Bowls for the last ten years. In 2009, Big Fogg supplied and managed its equipment at the Super Bowl in Miami, the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, the AFC Championship game in Pittsburgh and four other playoffs games.

This week, Big Fogg will also be setting up heating benches and Big Fogg Radiant Heaters at the NCAA National Championship Game between Alabama and Texas at the Rose Bowl on Thursday.  In addition, Boston College and Boston University hockey teams will be using Big Fogg Heating Benches for an outdoor game at Fenway Park on Friday January 8 in Boston.

Big Fogg is an industry leader providing solutions to outdoor cooling and heating troubles for commercial, residential and industrial applications. For more information contact the company at 888-853-1728 or on the web at 


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