NFL and NCAA football games during the hot weather almost all have Big Fogg Misting Fans on their sidelines for over the last 20 years. Big Fogg high-pressure misting fans have been on the sidelines of every 32–NFL team and most major NCAA football teams. During this time Big Fogg Misting Fans have been on the sideline of (14) Super Bowls including the 2020 Super Bowl game in Miami. Big Fogg Misting Fans have been on the sideline and cooling down (20) Pro Bowl All Stars games, along with (8) NCAA National Championship Games.

Big Fogg sells and rents its sideline high pressure misting fans to NFL teams, NCAA football and even high school football games. Big Fogg has sold its Blitz High Pressure 24” Oscillating Misting Fan to over half the NFL teams and many major college programs including Michigan, Ohio State, Florida, Michigan State and Penn State.

For over 20-years, Big Fogg has sent technicians to hundreds of NFL and NCAA football games to set up its sideline misting fans for the game. Our usual set-up includes 6-Big Fogg Misting Fans on each sideline, three behind the offense bench and defense bench. Depending on the temperature the sideline-Blitz Misting Fans have the option of using two-stage misting fans for extreme hot and humid days, single misting ring for high temperature days and the teams have option of just using the sideline fans without misting on more temperate days.