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Since 1993, Big Fogg™ has specialized in commercial, industrial and residential misting solutions.


Professionals, locals, national and international businesses and organizations are proud to have Big Fogg Misting System products and services at their events. Here are just a few words from satisfied clients.


Professionals, locals, national and international businesses and organizations are proud to have BIG FOGG Misting System products and services at their events.

Here are just a few words from satisfied clients. For more information Contact Us.

Bridget Young

San Diego Padres -2024

The Big Fogg team has been a pleasure to do business with, on and off the field. Our players loved the misting fans during the hot summer months. When we were trying to find a solution for one of our largest fundraisers, “Padres Pedal the Cause,” spin bike riders, that are on the top of a hot rooftop, Big Fogg was very gracious in donating their misting machines for the fundraiser, keeping the riders cool and refreshed. We look forward to our continued partnership with Big Fogg and working with them in future charity events.

Mack Butler
Athletic Director

Oklahoma State Football

The Oklahoma State Football Team have enjoyed working with Big Fogg and appreciate the friendship we have developed. My regards to Chris, Carla and all the Big Fogg guys that helped with the benches. Sam, Lester, Joseph, Duane and so many more I cannot remember! Many Thanks to ALL!!

David Gardi
Sr. VP of Operations

National Football League

Just want to thank you guys for your support at the Pro Bowl 2024. Greatly appreciate it.

Mike Dowling
Assistant Athletic Director
UCLA Bruins
2006 Sun Bowl Champions

UCLA Bruins

The (Big Fogg) misting fans don’t just make the players comfortable; they give the team an advantage. “Our sports medicine staff thinks body temperature has some effect on the way players perform on the field”.

Scott Draper
Director of Business Operations-Football
University of Michigan

University of Michigan

"The University of Michigan has been using sideline "misting fans" to cool for our football players during every hot game since the 1995 season. During this time, Christopher Miehl and his highly trained staff have provided the sideline misting fans coupled with reliable customer service to ensure our complete satisfaction. I would highly recommend Big Fogg Misting Systems and its misting system product line to any professional or college football team or for that matter any sports team."

Geore Wynn
Director of Football Operations
Arizona State University

Arizona State University

"Thank you for your prompt assistance for the USC game. Your cooling misting system works wonders! We are truly grateful for your service. Again thank you." 10/8/03 Thanks again Big Fogg Misting Systems for your assistance. It will be "hot" next weekend versus CAL, so your misting system will play a major role on Novemebr 1st. Again, thank you. 10/23/03 Contiued success! | God Bless! | Go Devils!

Dino Dennis
Head Equipment Manager
University of Southern California
2003 & 2004 National Champions, 2004 Rose Bowl Champions, 2003 & 2005 Orange Bowl Champions

University of Southern California

"On days in Southern California or in the South, like when we went to Alabama, Big Fogg Misting Systems are critical. It rejuvenates the players and gives them an extra edge."

Bob Wick
Equipment Manager San Diego Chargers

San Diego Chargers

The San Diego Chargers and myself have a great working relationship with Big Fogg and especially Chris Miehl. Chris is a true professional who delivers a great misting system. He keeps our team as cool and comfortable on the sidelines as possible in sunny San Diego. The setup and delivery of product goes very smooth. I highly recommend Chris and Big Fogg Misting Systems for any cooling needs.

Brad Mellon
Head Trainer
Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns

"For over a decade, we have been using Big Fogg misting fans on our sidelines. We are happy and pleased to have purchased the new BIG Fogg professional sideline misting fans as they cool down the temperature to keep our athletes comfortable and avoid heat exhaustion. What’s even more important is that they have enhanced our player’s performance which gives us a competitive advantage. These news fans are easy to use, easy to transport and easy to maneuver. Big Fogg helps us take care of our team.”

John Norwig
Head Trainer
Pittsburgh Steelers
2006 & 2009 Super Bowl Champions
2011 Super Bowl Game
Pittsburgh Steelers

2006 & 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Champions

"Big Fogg Misting Fan’s provided essential sideline outdoor cooling that enhanced our player’s performance during Super Bowl XL in Detroit and Super Bowl XLII in Tampa.”

Late Tim Davey
Vice President of Game Operations
National Football League

National Football League

"On behalf of Commisioner Roger Goodell, as well as myself, I want to personally thank you for your hard work and dedication in making the 2009 Pro Bowl such a suceess. I have enclosed a 2009 Pro Bowl paperweight as a memento. "As far as I m concerned, by your dedication and work ethic we did not have one problem the entire Pro Bowl week, including game day your work surprised not only several new executives but the Commissioner himself mentioned to me how well everything was organized and running. This is attributed to you and I told the Commissioner. Again, thanks for a great job as always and your check for your services is forthcoming. Hope to talk to you soon. Chris, here are the (4) paperwights for you and your crew from the Pro Bowl. As always--GREAT JOB!!!"

Dana Marquez
Equipment Manager
University of California Golden Bears
presently employed as
Equipment Manager
Auburn Unversity Football
2011 NCAA National Football Champions

University of California Golden Bears

"I can state unequivocally that the University of California made the correct decision in selecting Big Fogg Misting System's equipment to solve all of our sideline heating and cooling problems. Our football players loved the Big Fogg's Misting Fans and the Heated Benches, as this equipment helped improve their comfort during games and consequently contributed to improving their performance on the field. Our use of Big Fogg Misting System's equipment made happier players and happier players are what all equipment managers strive for. When I am a hero to our players, this also impresses the administration. Renting Big Fogg Misting System's Misting Fans and its technicians at all of our games during the 2004 season made my life much easier. The service was excellent and the sideline Misting Fans and its Heating Benches are the best in the marketplace. There were almost never any problems with the equipment the even when we had some small glitches (home or away), Big Fogg Misting System's technicians were able to solve them quickly. I highly recommend Big Fogg Misting Systems to any other NCAA football program or anyone who needs cooling or heating outdoors. But most of all, I recommend Big Fogg Misting Systems for its service, dependabilty and professionalism."

Ron Roberts

The City of Temecula California

On behalf of the City Council and City Staff, I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful article on Big Fogg Misting Systems which was recently published in The Business Press. What excellent coverage! Your entrepreneurial endeavors have certainly been rewarding. Starting your business in 1999 and becoming a $2 million-a-year company today with such accomplishment! Temecula values its business community and we greatly appreciate your presence. We wish Big Fogg Misting Systems continued success in the years to come.

Property Operations Manager
Harrah's Rincon Casino & Resort

Harrah's Rincon Casino & Resort

"The misting systems designed, build and installed by BIG FOGG MISTING SYSTEMS are very effective, our customers appreciate the outdoor cooling and water misting without getting wet. Harrah's highly recommend BIG FOGG MISTING SYSTEMS for all your restaurant and resort outdoor cooling needs."

David Wiens

Wiens Family Cellars

Wiens Family Cellars is one of the premier wineries in the Temecula Valley. We have a reputation for outstanding customer service, amazing ambiance, and delicious wines. Wiens takes pride in only using vendors like Big Fogg that match our high standards of performance and products. Big Fogg designed and installed our premier stainless steel misting systems, while providing excellent customer service and workmanship. Most importantly, Big Fogg is a 25-year-old local Company, and its technicians are only a few minutes away if we need assistance. Wiens Family Cellars wants to thank Big Fogg Misting Systems and their outstanding administration and installation staff for assisting us in growing our business. Our high-pressure stainless steel Big Fogg Misting Systems installed throughout the winery provide a comfortable, safe, and luxurious outdoor atmosphere for patrons. During the high heat months in Temecula, Wiens Family Cellars would have to turn away thousands of customers who can now enjoy our outdoor patios and experience relief from the heat. Big Fogg's talented and experienced technicians installed misting systems throughout our facility bringing down the ambient temperature by as much as 25 degrees without wetness. Without Big Fogg Misting Systems. Wiens Family Center would have had to turn away thousands of customers due to limited indoor seating. Wiens Family Cellars strongly recommends Big Fogg, as we would not be where we are today without them.

Bill Wilson
President of Wilson Creek Winery

Bill Wilson, President of Wilson Creek Winery

Bill Wilson, President of Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula attested, “Wilson Creek Winery wants to thank Big Fogg Misting Systems and their staff for assisting us in growing our business. Big Fogg Misting Systems keeps our customers cool and allows us to utilize our beautiful grounds and gorgeous gazebos as unique and ideal settings for our customers to learn about, enjoy, and ultimately buy our wine and champagne. Without Big Fogg Misting Systems, Wilson Creek Winery would have to turn thousands of customers away. Wilson Creek Winery highly recommends Big Fogg Misting Systems, as we would not be where we are today without them.”

Coach Schiano
Rutgers Football
New Brunswick, NJ
Birthplace of College Football


"Rutgers has used Big Fogg services for sideline cooling and heating since 2001. Big Fogg’s crew of technicians has been extremely helpful in setting up, maintaining and taking down the equipment after each game. On game day, we never have to worry about Big Fogg’s equipment or services. We appreciate your hard work, reliability and professionalism. As Rutgers grows in the world of college football, the value of our relationship with Big Fogg has grown exponentially. We look forward to continuing this relationship far into the future.”

Scott Oliaro MA, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer for Football
University of North Carolina

University of North Carolina

We used the misting fans for the first time this year (2005) and we noticed a big difference. First of all, the sidelines were much cooler and more comfortable for not only the players, but our staff. The fans provided a nice cooling mist without getting any of the players wet. We had fewer heat related problems, did less IV's, and saw players recover quicker while on the sidelines. The fans were set up and managed by the CoolWorx staff, which meant there was one less thing I had to worry about and could focus more attention on the health and safety of our players. We will definitely use Big Fogg again next year for out hot weather games.

Tank Conerly
Athletic Equipment Director

University of Alabama

The University of Alabama had Big Fogg on the sideline for every game during the 2005 season. The misting fans were an important part of the Tide's player safety program, and they kept our players and staff, cool on the sideline. The Big Fogg technicians were professional and reliable. Thank you for all your help at the Cotton Bowl this year. It was nice to know we had the flexibility to use fans or heaters depending on weather. Thanks for being so prepared. Looking forward to 2006.

Bianca Tokumoto
Administrative Assistant of Football Operations

University of Hawaii

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Big Fogg misting Systems for all that you have done for our team during our travels this past week. We appreciate all your hard work and aide during our game. You were very helpful and we are grateful. Thank you once again for all your help throughout this trip.

Miami Hurricanes

Miami Hurricanes

Miami Hurricanes equipment manager Kevin Blaske with Big Fogg Misting Systems equipment at the National Championship Game 2002 Rose Bowl. Big Fogg Misting Systems 'Misting Fans' and heating systems were the only sideline equipment used by the National Champions on their sideline during their 2001 championship season. Over the last five years, the University of Miami has only used 'Big Fogg Misting Fans' on their sidelines to cool their players in the hot humid heat of South Florida. Big Fogg Misting Fans was used by the University of Miami at every game during their championship season. If it works for the National Champions, it will work for you.

Barry Gallup
Assistant Athletic Director

Boston College

Excellent! Setup early. Worked very well. Did a great job.

Steven Handy
Citrus College Athletic Trainer
Health, Physical Education, and Athletics

Citrus College

I just wanted to thank you for all your helping setting me up with the two Big Fogg Misting Fans and misting pump. We started the season with a 1pm game at Victor Valley College. At game time it was 105 degrees. The misting fans and misting pump were a great help in keeping our athletes cool when they came off the field. I really appreciate all of your attention in getting us the Misting Fans in three days.

Harry Clever
San Jose Rugby Team

San Jose Seahawks Rugby Team

"When the San Jose Seahawks Rugby Team hosted the 2004 USA Rugby All-Star Men’s & Women’s National Championships in San Jose, CA on the 28th and 29th of August we were hard pressed to counter the blistering August heat…however with the help of Big Fogg Misting Fans and their outdoor cooling systems we were able to cool down both participants and spectators alike, the place to be was next to the Big Fogg Misting Fans at this sporting event and at very sporting event that needs outdoor cooling and mist systems. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have been the most popular person at the National 7s Championship in San Jose. Thanks to Big Fogg Misting Fans we were able to air condition nature – on a hot August day that made all the difference in the world."

Paul & Ingrid

Paul & Ingrid

We just want to say a big thank you for the wonderful system you installed at our house. We have already enjoyed hours of coolness. The installation is perfect. Nate’s eye for detail is exceptional. Great job by all. The neighbors are green with envy.

Big Fogg Mr. Chris Miehl 42095 Zevo Drive, A-2 Temecula, California 92590

Dear Chris: The Rose Bowl would like to thank Big Fogg for providing us with an excellent product, and for your exceptional customer service. Your technicians are the best in the business and have helped make our events such as the Rose Bowl games, UCLA Football games, World Cup Soccer and LA Galaxy Soccer games a great success. Hundreds of thousands of patrons visit the Rose Bowl each year. Temperatures in the stadium reach 35°C and higher. Your Big Fogg misting fans, misting trailers, misting tents, and inflatable pavilions not only provide comfort to our patrons, they are the perfect solution to address health safety issues such as heat exhaustion, heat stroke, etc.. Since contracting your service, we have seen a significant decline in heat-related medical visits to our First Aid Stations. You have the resources, the expertise, and the follow-through to satisfy all of our most challenging requests time and again. This is why your company remains our preferred choice for all of our misting and cooling needs. Due to our positive experience with Big Fogg, yours is the only organization I would recommend to coordinate an event as large as the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. Thank you to you and your staff once again for helping to make our events such a success. I look forward to seeing you at our next event! Sincerely, Julie Facilities Director, Rose Bowl