The Science Behind Our Dust Suppression Systems Ensures Safety and Compliance

According to Industrial Cooling, many companies today have “an ongoing need for dust suppression and odor control. Failure to address these issues can result in employee health issues and leave companies open to environmental citations, fines and even shutdowns.”

In fact, there is a long list of commercial and industrial sites plagued by challenges associated with toxic dust.  From garbage treatment facilities, paper mills and rendering plants to steel mills, quarries, power plants, airstrips and shipping terminals – among others.

For these and other entities, worksite dust poses several health risks to employees – from reduced oxygen in the atmosphere to prolonged respiratory illnesses and even cancer.   Worksite dust can also easily migrate to other nearby work areas, putting your entire staff at risk.

Fortunately, Big Fogg offers high-pressure misting systems that can help organizations  effectively manage their toxic dust issues and stay in compliance with federal mandates.

Cost Effective and Moisture Free

While alternative methods involve saturating dust-prone areas with water, Big Fogg high-pressure misting systems effectively solve dust issues without generating noticeable moisture.  Our dust suppression systems can be implemented and operated at a fraction of traditional dust extraction equipment as well.

Here’s how they work: misting systems equipped with high-pressure nozzles generate ultra-fine water droplets (smaller than 10 microns in size) which blanket the source of the dust.  These tiny droplets of mist adhere to dust particles in the air, knocking them to the ground where they can be safely collected and removed.

“To get the optimal effect, the size of the high-pressure misting droplets needs be the same as the size of the dust that has to be suppressed,” notes Industrial Cooling.

Big Fogg dust suppression misting systems achieve just that, effectively capturing and removing breathable fugitive dust particles ranging from .1 to 1,000 microns in size. Big Fogg misting systems meet or exceed EPA PM 10 standard for dust suppression, keeping your company in compliance as well.

“Dust-control high-pressure misting systems can also be equipped with odor neutralization sprays to ensure that the environment is not only clean and safe, but that it is also pleasant for your staff and visitors to your company as well,” said Chris Miehl, president and CEO of Big Fogg, Inc.  “From a tiny manufacturing site to an entire landfill, our dust suppression misting systems are modular by design and scalable to meet your unique dust control needs.”

For more information on Big Fogg dust suppression misting systems, visit us online or contact a dust suppression expert at (951) 587-2460.