The WayCool evaporative cooler is a very effective warehouse cooling unit. Simply remove it from its packaging, fill it with water, and turn it on. The oscillating WayCool covers an impressive 5,000 square-foot area.


Big Fogg can assist in designing a complete cooling system using WayCool fans and other industrial cooling products.


WayCool® portable evaporative coolers use the natural cooling process of evaporating water to reduce temperatures up to 30°F at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning. WayCool blows cooled air in a focused narrow stream at high velocities long distances to provide greater cooling for employees, customers, guests, equipment and livestock both indoors and outdoors!



Oscillating outlet for greater coverage up to 4,700 square feet

Approximately 75% lower energy consumption and 50% less expensive than the equivalent capacity portable air conditioner

Automatic low water levels shut-off to prevent pump damage

Built-in water reservoir for standalone use or connect to garden hose for continuous use

Specially treated cellulose evaporative pads for extensive pad life

1 hp dimensions: Base 33″ x 33″ x 52″ tall; 24 gallon reservoir

Two year warranty