What is a Misting System?

What is a Misting System?

A misting system is a series of interconnected nozzles and tubes that release fine water droplets into the air. By rapidly evaporating, these droplets significantly reduce ambient temperatures, providing a cooling effect in the surrounding area.

Components of a Misting System

  1. Pump: The heart of the system, pressurizes the water, enabling it to be sprayed as a fine mist.
  2. Tubing/Pipes: These transport water from the source to the misting nozzles.
  3. Nozzles: Small outlets that release water in the form of a fine mist.


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Misting Systems Instantly Cool Surrounding Air 

With rising global temperatures, enjoying outdoor activities or simply chilling on your patio can sometimes feel challenging. Misting systems offer a respite, instantly cooling the surrounding air. No one wants attendees drenched in sweat, be it a sports event, a backyard barbecue, or a festival. Misting ensures everyone stays relaxed and comfortable.

For industries, overheating machinery can lead to inefficiencies and downtime. Misting systems help in maintaining the right temperature, ensuring continuous productivity.

Big Fogg offers a comprehensive range of best misting solutions tailored to every need. From DIY misting systems for homes to advanced industrial misting systems, we’ve got it all. Whether it’s our patio misting systems that transform your outdoor spaces, the innovative high-pressure systems utilizing powerful 1000 to 1500 psi pumps, or the robust industrial misting systems with stainless steel tubing, every mist cooling system promises unparalleled performance. 

And for those special outdoor events? Our sports misting offerings, featuring portable misting fans and misting tents, ensure everyone stays cool and refreshed.

High-Pressure Misting System

Designed for premium cooling, high-pressure misting systems pump operate at pressures of 800-1200 psi.

  • Efficiency: Produces an ultra-fine cooling mist that evaporates almost instantly, which means no residual moisture. This ensures immediate cooling without the wet aftermath.
  • Applications: Widely used in upscale restaurants, resort patios, theme parks, and other public places. The immediate evaporative cooling effect enhances guest comfort.
  • Cost: Though on the pricier side, they provide unmatched cooling efficiency, making them a long-term investment.

Mid-Pressure Cooling Patio Misters

Balancing efficiency and affordability, these types of misting systems – mid-pressure misting systems are designed to operate at pressures between 160-350 psi.

  • Cooling Mechanism: Though not as fine as high-pressure systems, the mist is still adequate for swift evaporation, ensuring a significant drop in ambient temperature.
  • Applications: Perfect for home gardens, patios, pool areas, and smaller commercial setups like cafes and eateries.
  • Installation: Often comes with easy-to-use kits, making the setup straightforward and user-friendly.

Low-Pressure Patio Misting Systems

The most accessible of the lot, these function at normal water pressure, which is about 40-150 psi.

  • Ease of Use: Most systems are DIY-friendly, needing just a regular hose connection to start.
  • Applications: Suitable for smaller areas like balconies, terraces, and home gardens.
  • Limitation: The droplets are comparatively larger, which might leave a slight moisture residue on surfaces.

Portable Misting Fans

These combine a traditional fan’s air circulation with misting capabilities.

  • Mobility: As the name suggests, these can be moved around, catering to varying cooling needs without fixed installations.
  • Water Source: Comes with an in-built reservoir or can be connected to a hose, providing continuous misting.
  • Applications: Sporting events, outdoor festivals, workshops, or any space that requires immediate and localized cooling.

Industrial Misting Systems

Engineered for expansive spaces, these systems are about more than just cooling.

  • Functionality: Apart from cooling, they assist in controlling humidity, which can be crucial in spaces like greenhouses where moisture levels impact plant growth.
  • Dust Suppression: In industries where dust and particulate matter are concerns, these systems help suppress and settle airborne particles.
  • Worker Comfort: In large warehouses or production floors, maintaining a comfortable temperature boosts worker productivity and well-being.

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Why Choose Big Fogg for Misting Products and Installation

When it comes to optimizing your outdoor spaces for ultimate comfort and cooling, choosing Big Fogg for your misting products and installation is a smart choice. Here’s why:

1. Expertise and Experience

With years of experience, Big Fogg stands as an industry leader, providing unparalleled knowledge and expertise in misting systems. Our seasoned professionals have aided countless customers nationwide in choosing and installing the right misting solutions tailored to their unique needs.

2. Quality and Reliability

We prioritize providing high-quality, durable misting products that guarantee reliability and longevity. Whether it’s misting systems, fans, or pumps, each product is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards, ensuring your spaces stay cool and comfortable.

3. Comprehensive Solutions

From home patios and pool areas to commercial properties, we offer an extensive range of products for every need. Our impressive selection includes misting systems, misting fans, evaporative coolers, and more, all aimed at fulfilling your specific outdoor cooling requirements.

4. Efficient Temperature Reduction

Our high-pressure misting pumps are designed to achieve up to thirty degrees Fahrenheit of outdoor temperature reduction, transforming hot, uncomfortable areas into refreshing havens, even in the peak summer heat.

5. Ongoing Support

Our commitment doesn’t end with the sale. We provide continuous support, offering around-the-clock advice and installation tips, whether for professional or DIY installations. Whether you need guidance on maintaining your outdoor misting system or troubleshooting issues, we’re here to assist.

6. One-stop Shop for Accessories and Parts

We furnish all necessary supplies, replacement parts, and accessories to maintain your misting system’s optimum functionality. From repairs to upgrades, find everything you need to keep your system running smoothly.

7. Customized Solutions for Various Industries

We cater to diverse industries, offering specialized solutions whether you’re in the hospitality, manufacturing, or residential sectors. Each product is designed with precision, ensuring it meets the distinct demands of different environments.

8. Easy Accessibility to Products and Services

Browse and select from our wide array of misting products with ease, and avail yourself of our installation and support services, designed to make your experience hassle-free and satisfying.

By choosing Big Fogg, you’re not just getting a product; you’re gaining a partnership with seasoned professionals dedicated to elevating your outdoor experience. Your comfort and satisfaction are our priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations at every step.

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For over two decades, Big Fogg has been the trusted name behind the cooling comfort seen on the sidelines of the most prestigious NFL and NCAA Football games. When the best in the sports realm need to beat the heat, they turn to us. So why shouldn’t you?

Don’t just settle; choose the misting products that the pros trust. Whether it’s a quiet afternoon on your patio or a high-stakes game on the gridiron, Big Fogg is there to keep things cool.

Call today at 951-587-2460 to talk to an expert and discover how Big Fogg can transform your space into a refreshing oasis. Because when it comes to misting, it’s not just about cooling—it’s about choosing the best. Choose Big Fogg.



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