Big Fogg offers a premium mid-pressure misting system.  This stainless steel misting system comes with an industrial grade mid-pressure misting pump that operates at 300 psi. This misting system is perfect for low humidity environments where the larger water drops can easily evaporate. This mid-pressure stainless steel can be used for any residential or commercial application. The mist system comes with 316 stainless steel sections with nozzle risers located every 24 inch apart. This distance of the misting nozzles gives the mid-pressure mist system a good spread of misting that allows for more misting system coverage along with a lower temperature decline overall.  Big Fogg mid-pressure mist system is made of the highest quality and workmanship. The mid-pressure misting pump is very quiet and can be located away around the installation. Just provide a dedicated water hose operating between 40 and 60 psi and one 20-amp circuit. It comes with all the parts, fittings, unions, elbows and directions for an easy mist system installation.

  • Misting Pump 300 PSI with 5 micron sediment filter
  • Black Nylon Tubing 50 FT Roll 8 feet 24” spacing prefabricated Mist Line 3/8” OD
  • Low Pressure 303 SS Anti Drip Series Nozzle .01 10/24
  • Heavy Duty Brass Union
  • Heavy Duty Brass Elbow
  • Heavy Duty Brass Cap
  • Stainless Steel Clamp
  • Screw
  • Plastic Anchor

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