Professional Sideline Misting System Rental

Professional Sideline Misting System

Professional Sideline Misting System

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Big Fogg Misting System’s Professional High-Pressure Misting fan was created specifically with the world class athlete in mind. The Professional is designed for what’s most important to you, keeping players cool without getting them wet. These misting systems allow the players to perform at their peak level and reduces the chance of heatstroke.

Big Fogg Misting Systems have developed a specially engineered, portable, high-pressure pump, which creates an ultra fine mist by utilizing .008 orifice nozzles on an 800-1000 psi delivery system. This system injects 10-micron size fog droplets into a forced air stream, resulting in exceptional cooling even in the most inhospitable climates. The Professional Sideline Misting System can also be made available in two-stage misting, allowing the choice between light and full effect misting.

High-Pressure Sideline Misting Systems are available with two, four, or six Misting Fans depending on your team’s needs. Big Fogg Misting Systems understands that when it comes to cooling, each team is in a unique situation. This is why we offer you the option of purchasing or renting the Professional regardless of your location or size of program. Whichever route you choose, you can be assured that Big Fogg Misting Systems will provide the highest level of quality and service at all times at a reasonable price.


  • Misting Pump: 1,000 psi pump module
  • Misting Fan: 24″ diameter, oscillates at a 90-degree arc, 1PH, 115v, 60HZ, thermally protected
  • TEAO motor, totally enclosed, 2-speed pull chain
  • Master Fluid Line: 10 year UV rated
  • Misting Nozzles: (8 misting nozzles) Two-stage stainless steel misting rings, 4 misting nozzles each
  • Base: 2 piece pedestal adjusts from 3.5′ to 6.0′
  • Misting Lead Line: Heat resistant, high-pressure misting line
  • Please call Big Fogg Misting Systems with any questions.