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Misting Trailer

Misting Trailer

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Tow this unique misting trailer to your next special event.

New to Big Fogg to rent or purchase at your next special, music or sporting event; THE MONSTER TRAILER PORTABLE MISTING FAN SYSTEM:

This unit is totally self-contained and operates between 4 & 6 Non-Osciallting High-Pressure Misting Fans off of a 350 Gallon Drum with a generator. Just imagine the massive cooling effect of (Four High-Pressure Misting Fans to cool you and your friends by as much as 25 degrees without wetness. Great product for sporting events, music events, race tracks, or any outside large collection of people where there is no access to electricity or water. Limited supply for call to rent today for your next Special Event.

These Misting Trailers provide the ultimate in portable outdoor cooling since they are a totally self-contained misting system. Besides the (4)or(6) Big Fogg Misting Fans inside the trailer additional Misting Tents or Misting Inflatable can be setup next to the Misting Trailer to provide more outdoor cooling. The additional misting systems can use the same generator, water tank and high pressure pump as the misting trailer. Please call Big Fogg Misting Systems for pricing. For purchase Misting Trailer Misting Systems we can build any configuration for misting trailer with anywhere between 2 – 10 misting fans. The picture above is only a standard version with four (6) Misting Fans, one (1) High-Pressure Pump, 350 gallon water container and one (1) electrical generator for this outdoor cooling mist system.