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Cool Caddie

Cool Caddie

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Cool Caddies are a popular rental unit because they consist of a high-pressure oscillating ’18’ Misting Fans with a portable tank that operates up to five hours.

At 1000 PSI, the Cool Caddies are designed to be the self-contained portable misting system in the marketplace. It quickly chills the air (up to 25 degrees F) on even the hottest days of the seasons.

Cool Caddie’s built-in water tank can be easily filled and operated for up to five hours. There is no need to search out a water source or worry about someone tripping over a connected hose. The Cool Caddie can be filled with a bucket or garden hose. Built-in safety switches turn off the pump when the tank runs out. If you prefer to have Cool Caddie all day long, it can be run directly from a garden hose while a built-in switch keeps the tank from overfilling.

Commercial-grade wheels, locking casters, adjustable neck height and heavy duty handle make Cool Caddie very easy to move and transport whether empty or full. The 18″ shrouded fan oscillates and has a variable-speed dial, making it quite versatile. The Cool Caddie is great for rentals for tailgates, hotels, high school sports practice, outdoor weddings, restaurants, patio kitchens, fairs and festivals.