How Misting Fans Keep Our COVID-19 First Responders Safe from the Heat 24/7

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our healthcare system into an agile, nationwide network of diagnostic and treatment centers where our millions of first responders perform miracles every day.

As our healthcare workers answer the call to help during these hot summer months, in many cases they find themselves working outdoors in full PPE – with only a pop-up tented structure protecting them from the blazing heat of the sun.

This paradigm has public health officials across the nation seeking safe, innovative ways to keep first responders cool as they continue to care for those impacted by the Coronavirus. Fortunately, advanced misting technology is now available in portable fan units that are easy to install, operate, and move wherever needed.

Safety First

The safest misting fans to use during the COVID-19 pandemic are high-pressure misting fans with direct water hookups.  These fans operate at 1,000 psi pressure to create micro-droplets of mist that immediately evaporate via a process called flash evaporation.

This evaporation process is highly effective at cooling ambient air and can quickly reduce the temperature of a testing or treatment tent by up to 25 degrees – all without emitting moisture. By contrast, low-pressure misting systems and fans generate noticeable wetness which can lead to discomfort and compromise worker and patient safety as well.

Connecting directly to a fresh water source is also an important safety factor to consider when selecting a misting fan as it allows the unit to operate free of any water contamination.  Be aware that misting fans with their own tanks to be filled reuse water to operate, which can make them breeding grounds for algae and in some cases even to Legionnaires’ disease that stems from stagnate water.

Versatile, Portable

High-pressure misting fans are ideally suited for professional first-responder applications, including:

  • Cooling existing COVID-19 testing tents
  • Cooling people, including those in line for testing and treatment
  • Ensuring the comfort and safety of outdoor triage and treatment beds
  • Protecting medical and support staff from the heat in outdoor locales


To save space and resources, look for a modular system, whereby multiple high-pressure misting fans can be operated from a single pump and water source.


For more than 20 years, Big Fogg has designed, produced, and installed high-pressure misting systems and fans for both industrial and manufacturing facilities. Many of these systems are fully automated with controls to activate the misting process as needed – for different durations of time in different zones throughout a facility – and to turn misters off automatically when optimum temperatures are reached overall.


For more information on how Big Fogg misting fans can help control heat across your COVID-19 testing or treatment center, visit our website or call us at (951) 857-2460 to schedule a free consultation.