How to Transform Your Restaurant Patio into an Inviting Alfresco Dining Room

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the restaurant industry irreparably – and for many venues nationwide, inviting outdoor on-site dining options remain critical.  Fortunately, commercial misting systems are available from Big Fogg that can transform your restaurant patio into a cool, comfortable alfresco dining experience for guests – even in the sweltering summer heat.  Here’s what you need to know:

Select high-pressure misting systems and fans

Big Fogg offers high-pressure misting systems and fans that can be custom configured to keep your entire outdoor dining area cool.  These units operate at 1,000 PSI to produce an ultra-fine mist that evaporates immediately, leaving your guests cool, refreshed – and dry.  This evaporative cooling process reduces ambient temperatures by up to 25 degrees, helping you deliver an exceptional dining experience during even the most oppressive summer heatwave.

Misting systems and fans are easy to install and maintain

Misting systems from Big Fogg can be installed along ceilings and shade structures to both preserve valuable floor space and provide overhead cooling throughout your patio area.  To further aide in cooling, Big Fogg offers wall-mounted and portable misting fans you can place strategically throughout your venue to provide an added layer of spot cooling for guests where needed.

To install our systems, we simply need access to a water source and electricity, as well as space for the system’s pump. We install systems via both our own technicians and our reliable network of contractors nationwide – so your entire restaurant chain is well supported anywhere you have established locations.

Maintenance on a Big Fogg misting system is easy as well.  Comprised of stainless steel and other durable components, our misting systems deliver years of lasting performance with proper care.  While hard water deposits will build on nozzles over time, they are easily removed when soaked in household vinegar or calcium removers.  Nozzles will also need replacement occasionally to keep the system running optimally.

The Big Fogg commitment

For the past 20+ years, Big Fogg has designed and installed professional misting systems and fans for an elite clientele that includes NFL teams and stadiums, concert and festival venues, world-renowned resorts and theme parks, restaurants, wineries and some of the nation’s most exquisite homes. Our commitment to service is unwavering, and our customers appreciate both the quality of our products and the attention to detail our team gives to every installation.

We understand the unique demands of the restaurant industry as well – and that one poor dining experience can create both an unhappy customer and negative word of mouth that can impact your reputation.

Let us help you elevate the outdoor dining experience you provide by ensuring every guest you serve walks out your doors with both a smile and a fond memory to share with friends and family.

Visit us online to learn more about Big Fogg restaurant misting systems and fans, or call us anytime at (951) 857-2460 to schedule a free consultation.