Save on Air Conditioning Costs with a Pre-Cooling Misting System

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems consume up to 75% of a typical building’s energy usage. As temperatures increase, the energy required to operate your air conditioning system dramatically increases as well – driving up your electricity costs.

In extreme heat, air conditioning systems will operate even longer and draw more power as they run. In addition to incurring additional costs, this paradigm places excessive ambient loads on the condensing coil and may shut the system down altogether.

One of the best ways to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning and air-cooled refrigeration systems is to “pre-cool” them.

Big Fogg designs, sells and installs high-pressure misting systems that do just that. When you use our misting systems to pre-cool air intake for industrial air conditioners and evaporative coolers, you can increase their performance dramatically, reducing operational costs by as much as 20% to 30%.


How It Works

For air-cooled condensers, the high-pressure mist system is applied at the condenser coil air inlet. The cooler air intakes reduce the compressor load and head pressure unit cycling. As a result, less energy is required to operate the unit.

Our own high-pressure misting systems operate on 1,000 PSI, thereby producing an extremely small water droplet that uses the principle of flash evaporation to reduce the temperature without getting the coils noticeably wet.

The mist system lowers the temperature of the air surrounding the condenser. At a lower ambient temperature, the condenser’s cooling capacity increases, and the system operates more efficiently.

As the head pressure falls, the saturated liquid temperature also falls, and cooling capacity increases. Therefore, the air conditioning system does not have to operate as long to satisfy the load, and energy use is reduced.

Reduced head pressure also lengthens compressor life for more reliable cooling over time and lower overall maintenance costs.


The Big Fogg Advantage

Big Fogg provides, sells and installs high-pressure misting systems for each rooftop unit in your building. You can choose from simple misting systems or work with us to create a more complex, custom installation to meet your needs. Big Fogg systems are modular in design and come with these options:

  • a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis unit
  • temperature controller
  • final water sterilizing UV purifier
  • controlled sensors, including timers, humidistats and thermostats – allowing for effective pre-cooling without excessive moisture
  • integrated reverse osmosis and UV water treatment to eliminate deposits and corrosion at the coil face
  • sensors and relays that control the high-pressure misting pump, minimizing water usage


Most importantly, our systems reduce your monthly electric bill. This great investment will pay for itself in a short period of time and will continue to reduce your energy and maintenance costs for years to come.

Check out Big Fogg misting systems online or call A/C Pre-Cooling Experts at 951-852-5885 to discuss your pre-cooling needs.