Why Use Rent Misting Fans Because Fans Have So Many Benefits!!

Summer will be here soon and record high temperatures are predicted – again!! It appears the new unfortunate trend is that as each new year gets higher in number, so does the average high temperature. 

Outdoor events are supposed to be joyful ones. High heat can spoil that. The best way to correct that – rent “misting fans” for your event or gathering. They are the ultimate cooling solution for any summer outdoor event, including weddings, receptions, corporate picnics, 4th of July parties or amateur sporting events. Misting fans can keep your guests and patrons cool, refreshed, comfortable and safe regardless of the heat.

Big Fogg has been renting misting fans nationwide for these type of events over 20 years. Its past emphasis has been at California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Florida locations. But as temperatures elevate all over the country, its potential rental areas are expanding Since Big Fogg rents sideline misting fans for hundreds of football games across the country each year, it has these misting fans available for non-sporting events . It has large inventories of misting fans strategically located in the country that can also serve customer needs.

It is important to note that Big Fogg does not only rent football misting fans. It also has smaller or even bigger misting fans to meet all customer needs. Some rental misting fans even come with water tanks to provide misting in areas that do not a convenient water source. (However, every one of Big Fogg’s misting fans requires electricity, so electrical outlets are required to operate.)

Big Fogg technicians deliver, set-up and will even maintain the misting fans. The technicians are professionally trained and will be happy to show customers how to operate misting fans.

Each year, it seems as if people like to host more and more events outdoors.  Big Fogg is there and will be there to help meet this increased demand for misting fans.

Benefits to renting ‘Big Fogg” misting fans:

  • Use fresh water only, if connected to a water hose or from a water tank.
  • Portable misting fans are extremely mobile and easy to transport, making a small footprint.
  • Big Fogg misting fans are extremely efficient at bringing down the temperature as much as 35 degrees.
  • Self-contained units have water tanks units and do not need a permanent water source.
  • Misting fans are quiet when operating.
  • Misting fans combine a dry mist with air aspiration increasing the evaporation effect and oscillating fans have better air distribution.
  • Misting fans are very energy efficient and only need a standard 20-amp circuit to operate, which is the same power as hair blow dryer.
  • Misting fans are streamlined and attractive and will not be an eye sore at your event. During the hot summer months call ahead to make sure inventory of misting fans are available for your gathering or event.